Recheck Your Work

We cannot blame ourselves if there are times when we do not feel like rechecking our work. I admit, I am like that especially when I feel so tired that my mind just wants to shut down. Most of the time, I feel sluggish and lazy to give it a once over.

By the way, I am working as a freelance technical writer. Doing this job means that I have to be keen about details and be concise about how I convey information. I know, it is very ironic of me to say that sometimes, I get so lazy to recheck my document. The thing is, how do I know if I committed mistakes if nobody checks my document? Yep, I give it a recheck myself or I have someone to give it a quick look.

The Result: I have seen a myriad of mistakes I should not have committed in the first place.

It really pays to do a once over before concluding that the work itself is done. The deadline may be near and you feel the pressure it brings. But, it is not an excuse not to check your work again. That is why the word recheck should always be a mainstay in our vocabularies. (:



4 thoughts on “Recheck Your Work

      • I think I could relate. I remembered before, i used to write some random stuff in my draft reports. Since I just want to get it over with, I submitted it without checking. After half an hour, my boss called me up and dropped these words “we need to talk” Aww..Haha. Truns out he has read some of “jokes” inserted in the business report! The horror. But Im good. I was still alive so it’s good.=))))

  1. ~ That is soooo true! Hahaha! It is really different when you are working with a refreshed mind – you get to see the bigger picture, the things, mostly all of it. Just like in Australia, maximum hours of work will be 8-9hrs only then ur boss wud tell u to go home bec. when ure tired, it will affect ur performance, right? How about in your country, how many hours do you work each day?

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