If You Don’t Know, Ask!

I am the type of person who does not want to assume or may be because I was not raised like that. Call me dumb or stupid, but if I do not know a thing, I ask. Of course, I do my research first to find out for answers before pestering other people. They also have limited time for themselves considering the busy world we are all in. Yep, I respect that fact so if they do not answer, I would understand.

Never assume. You are not a psychic or a scientist. Even psychics and scientists have failed at making predictions and hypotheses. This is the general rule I have thought of and there’s a ring of truth in it especially if you are working or discussing serious matters. A disaster could spring from a string of wrong assumptions. Have you heard of many relationships (love, business, etc.) that have been ruined all because of stupid assumptions? So, we better be careful.

If you do not ask, you will not receive answers. How on earth do you expect a good answer if you did not ask? Formulate good and sensible questions so that the answers will be good, too. Nonsense questions beget nonsense answers.

Above all, please ask the right person so that the information you will gather will be clear, concise and correct. Enough said.

* Please feel free to add your tips. Thanks! 🙂



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