The Magic of Being Grateful

Daily Prompt: Thank You

What does TGIF means? For most people, TGIF means Thank God It’s Friday. But for me, it is Thank God I am Full of work. I used to bitch before how much I hated working on Fridays.I know other people who are like that, too, especially my friends who are always having a nights out drink and spa sessions. Even in other countries, I have noticed that most people are looking toward the end of the week. Yeah, me too! I can’t wait to do the things I wanted to do, meet my friends, run or bike, take my Whopper (pet dog) for a walk and a whole lot more.

May be you are wondering how on earth I have known that other people also like Fridays, the answer is obvious by the overused TGIF! Aside from working abroad, I have close friends from all around the globe and they are telling me that they also have their share of busy Fridays. And, it is not a wonder when you are working in these kinds of fields: Banking & Finance, Information Technology, Medicine, Telecommunications, etc.

Here’s one confession that I have to make. I admit that back then my friends and I (especially me) are complaining why the heck we are always working. Moreover, if you are working at least twelve (12) hours a day. But, you know what? There’s nothing good that has come out of all the complaining. Why? I am doing the job anyway even if it freaks me out! So, the question is, what made me stop doing this bad habit?

It also dawned upon me how difficult it is to apply for a job – what more, if you are applying abroad! I just considered it a miracle and I became very grateful when the opportunity came. The salary I am getting may not be my expected salary but I still consider it as a blessing that I have found a new job. It is not the salary but the opportunity and chance given to me. It is better to get my hands busy rather than being idle.

Of course, I am not a hypocrite to admit that I wanted the salary I am negotiating. Considering the fact that it is hard to get a job and the job that we wanted, what I have now is a blessing. I was able to withdraw my salary and the digits do not look so exciting (and inviting) but I feel happy. Sometimes, it feels a bit too much. I think that is the magic of being grateful. It lets you appreciate what you currently have and what you will be having in the future.



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