What Calms You?

Have you ever felt so anxious or irritated? For me, the answer is a big YES for the latter. I have managed it a bit to keep my worries at bay but my irritation level is soaring. I cannot always blame it on my periods and migraines, I know. It has a lot to do with how I think, which, to a certain extent would affect how I feel. We may not control how we feel at times, but we can somehow control HOW we think and look at things.

I discovered that sometimes, a cup of hot chocolate or warm tea could do it for me. It just soothes me for the time being. Talking to a friend or having a short walk makes me divert my mind into something else and that temporarily relaxes my mind. Do something that will relax you so that by the time your relaxation ritual is over, you will feel a bit better. A bit better is better than nothing good happened at all. 🙂

I understand that this technique might not work for some peeps who have very complicated problems or those who are currently battling a disease, but doing something that could calm your senses should be the option rather than stress things out. After all the fussiness, would you like to remain sober? I guess not.



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