Why It is Not Good to be in a Hurry

Yes, I screwed it all up! What I am talking about here is my work. Yesterday, I screwed up because I overlooked some mistakes because I am hurrying to get home. To make it short, I will not discuss in detail but I will just summarize what happened. I am making an operations manual last night, geeez.

I accidentally used an auto-text  (that is supposed to be a ‘word’ only) that made the sentence changed a very important thought that needs emphasis. Thus, the whole gist of the paragraph was altered. See, even a single word can have a tremendous effect. All because I am not careful with my auto-text. The auto-text is originally ‘will be displayed’ when in fact all I want to use is just the word ‘will’. When you are using auto-text, the tool tip will show and you can just press the Enter key to make the word appear. Thus, it will make your typing faster. But what happened is that I do not intend to use the whole ‘will be displayed’ auto-text, just the word ‘will’. I did not notice that I was able to used the whole auto-text which made my sentence damn wrong. Mind you, I thought I was able to delete the remaining ‘be displayed’  but it turned out I only deleted ‘displayed’! The coherence of the other sentences in my paragraph is also lost, all because of the wrong words I have put in and I did not even notice!

I learned a lesson not to be dependent and careless about auto-text and corrections. I know I am such a klutz especially when I am hurrying. Haste makes waste! I have learned that you should really make it a habit to Recheck Your Work before sending it out. Tomorrow, I am just waiting to be fried ( haha, I typed in ‘fired’ initially ) by my boss.

Lesson: Do not be such a klutz like me. Past is past, what’s important is we learned a lot from our mistakes and try not to commit the same mistake again. I have learned to be mindful and extra alert because I have become too complacent.


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