Team Alone

What does “Team Alone” mean? It simply means that you are working all alone, not physically alone but all by yourself through your independence. In context of work, you work in an environment struggling to get the work done, even without the help of your team mates.

There will be times when you just have to work all by yourself without the help of others. These may be excruciating times for you to bear but this is the time when you can say, “I did it on my own!” There will be times when you have team mates who are not helpful at all, they will just bring you down and make you weary. Fret not! If you know what you are doing and you are persevering, you will get through.

It takes a lot of practice until office blunders and politics won’t affect you at all. It may be irritating at times but, if you know where you stand and you work with sincerity and passion, there will be no doubt that you will master being in Team Alone. I used to dread working in solitude but now, I absolutely love it.



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