How to be Naturally Beautiful (Part 1)

Many people would want to be beautiful and I absolutely understand that because that is human nature. I am not a hypocrite to admit that I also want to look good especially when attending occasions, important meetings and the like. I am not the type who would dress and make up but I honestly want to look presentable. Let’s just say that I want to look like a human being so that I would look approachable, decent and nice.

I won’t talk about primping and beauty stuff because I look like a wimp and has not done any makeover to date. The last time I was really dressed up was when I attended weddings of two close friends who requested me to look like a lady. Whenever I need to look presentable, I  leave it to the makeup artist. Yeah, I know you guys would say I should learn how to put makeup on my own. I will learn soon or so I thought.

Here are my tips to be naturally beautiful even without makeup. Please feel free to add your tips. 🙂

1. Feel grateful. It is hard to feel grateful when many bad things are happening to us but the feeling of gratefulness will make us feel contented. And, when we are contented, we somehow feel happy. Lucky for those of you who managed to feel really happy and contented because the joy it gives will bring out the glow in your face. Ever noticed when someone comments how beautiful or handsome you are when in fact you did nothing? It is because you are grateful and happy and it naturally shows.

2. Bring out the best in other people. When we bring out the potential of others, we also bring out the best in ourselves unconsciously. We make them reach their dreams and when they do, we also feel happy and fulfilled. No need to mention that it also makes our hearts smile, too.

3. Eat and drink healthily. This is self-explanatory.

4. Be mindful and think more happy thoughts. I am not going to say to just think positive thoughts because when we are so weary, it is somehow hard to do unless you are used to positive thinking every time you experience a downfall. I am naturally pessimistic so it is hard for me to always think positive thoughts. When negativity sets in, I think of some happy thoughts or funny memories that made me smile big time back then. It might not completely alter my bad mood but it lessens the burden that I am feeling.

5. Do what you love doing. It is hard to find a job that we like but we can still do some little things that we like to do. Engage yourself in a hobby or a new activity that will make you more productive. Do something that will boost your mood or improve your skills.

Let me stop at #5 for now. I will be thinking of more tips to be posted soon. After all, beauty is all about attitude. Feel and know that you are a beautiful individual, now and forever.


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