Make a Letter to Yourself

I do not know what to write so I consulted Plinky. Plinky suggested that I should write myself a letter in twenty (20) years. To be honest, I like writing letters to people but I do not like the idea of writing a letter to myself. But, there is something that I really like to do. I love writing lists. So, I will write to myself in the form of a list. Logical, right?!

My Endeared Lurker (that’s what I call myself),

I hope that you will always be a grateful person by always thanking and thinking that you have all these: 

  • Life
  • Loved ones
  • Health
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Adventures
  • Experiences
  • Trials
  • Nature
  • Work
  • God
  • And a lot more.

I have a list in my notebook about the things you should be grateful but I am too lazy to type. I also hope that you will learn to love yourself more and continue to inspire people through whatever medium that you are going to use. Always remember that you only have one life to live so don’t you dare waste it!



My dear reader, I hope my grateful letter inspired you. I do believe that by being thankful, we create magic inside of us. That magic will spring a lot of hope and love that we can sprinkle to other people especially those lost souls. Let us spread some inspiration! 🙂

Note: I am sick while writing this letter. It just made the letter all the more special because I do appreciate my health more. I rarely get sick so I do not like this feeling of weakness but it sure taught me a valuable lesson.


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