My Best Friend

It is human nature to speak and write using the first person. I am no exception because by default, I use the first person whenever I blog. When I write technical documents (e.g. user guides, operation manuals, HLD/LLD, white papers, etc.), I use the second or third person. Mostly, I use the second person, as this is the kind of POV that is requested by most clients. In some instances, I also do not use the second or third person in some of the technical documents such as diagrams, workflows, blue prints, etc. So, what “person” is the best to use when writing? It depends. It depends on what you are writing and how you write it. For this challenge, let me share with you the story of my best friend and how she inspired me to live and love life.

My best friend woke up with a jolt and she found herself staring blankly at the corner of her room. “Change, I guess, is what I need in order to live,” she said to me. Off she went to the airport, all by herself armed with one small bag containing all the essentials she would need to survive. She brought her own version of the so-called bug-out bag.

I was surprised by her impulsive move. It was totally unexpected and I could not contain my sadness because I do not want to see her leave the country. Her reasons are plausible enough for me to believe that she wanted to move on after getting her heart (and pocket) broken for the nth time. “Not even him, not even mum and not even you can stop me from going,” she muttered.

Moving on is never easy. It never was and never will be. Starting anew in a foreign land is daunting for a first timer. Her ardent desire to live life elsewhere is so inspiring. When you look at her, you will see a happy face and not even a trace of pain is evident. I hugged her and kissed her poker face for the last time. Before the plane took off, she left a message for me in her blog. It says, “I’ll be okay, bezzy. Please don’t worry about me. You’re right. I can do this.”

How is she now? How is she feeling? Did she ever make it there all by herself? Absolutely. It is a known fact that there is always a rainbow after the rain, they say. How do I know if that is true? Because I am my own best friend. She is my first person. 🙂


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