Overcoming Procrastination

I am a procrastinator and certified at that. There were times when I do not notice that I am procrastinating, only at the end of the day I would realized how much time I have wasted. I have been putting off things that I should be doing. I know, it is a lame excuse for a writer to say that it is writer’s block when it is really procrastination.

I think it is a sin. Sometimes, I feel guilty and at other times, I feel nonchalant about it. And, it just came upon me that I should stop wasting my time. Wasted money can be recovered by hard work and moonlighting. Wasted body can be recovered by healthy foods and medicines. But, wasted time can never be recovered.

When faced with deadlines, no matter how unreasonable, I have learned to prioritized things. I determine the severity of a certain case then tackle it even if I do not feel like it. Piece by piece, little by little, each task will be done and accomplished. The hard ones I do first because it will take me some time and then, the easy ones follow.

Having an itinerary also helps and I put an alarm to it so that I would be notified. Our memories can fail but our lists won’t. When bored in the middle of completing a task and the urge to procrastinate sets in, I take a walk outside my office. Having a break refreshes the mind and body. Take note that this is not procrastination but an energy booster to combat time wasting.

If I feel like a kid on that day, I give myself rewards after completing my tasks. Let’s say I was able to finish 75% of it, I would reward myself an ice drop. If I was able to accomplish everything on that particular day, I reward myself a bottle of wine or a plate of chilli crabs. Having something to look forward to would overcome procrastination. With a sheer attempt it would but it takes more than ample amount of determination and a strong mindset to overcome this bad habit. If you really want to overcome procrastination or any weakness, you just have to say this to yourself: Just Do It!

7 thoughts on “Overcoming Procrastination

  1. That thing about rewarding yourself is my tactic as well. I am the queen of procrastination, but I’ve started to make deals with myself, like “finish three more pages of studying and you can watch an episode of Breaking Bad”, or “do two more hours and then you can have dinner”. It works most of the time! 🙂

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