What Are You Grateful For?

Grateful. This is the word I can call mine.

I am grateful that I am breathing with ease today. Today is my birthday and I am euphoric that I have gotten a year older. I do not dread the fact that I am aging because it is a blessing — a gift that I would be looking forward every year. I do celebrate my birthday in more ways than one. But, on the day itself, I celebrate it with friends and loved ones. The solo celebration (the one I considered the ‘core’ celebration) would be celebrated next week.

Grateful. My friends celebrated “my day” with so much fun and love in their hearts.

Yes, I had a birthday party awhile ago and seeing my beloved friends eat and drink made the kid in me feel giddy and excited. Oh, did I mention that we all wore black? Black is my favorite color and I am surprised that they have put in a lot of effort to wear “my color” today! They happily tugged my heartstrings. Sweetness overload.

Bday grp pix

Grateful. This is a good year and I have to make it one of my best years.

2013 may be just another year or just a number for some. And, this year, I want to be more grateful for each day. Being aware that each day is a blessing and being able to live life up to this very moment is indeed a miracle. I admit that I cannot always have a positive outlook and mindset yet I have the choice to be grateful and see the positive in every negativity. It is entirely up to us how we perceive things and how we make things happen. Today, make a choice. Choose to be grateful.


I wish you and your loved ones well. Let us rock this year and see the magic happen! 🙂


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