Free Association: Family, Death and Blessings

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say HOME, SOIL and RAIN. Use those words in the title of your post.

This DP Challenge is just in time because I am thinking of my family and home before doing this post. My boss allowed me to go on a two-day leave which I can use to visit my family back home. For me, this is an opportunity to show them my love by giving them my time. I do not want to sound cheesy but this is a real life example most of us face — when one works outside his country, the work culture is different. Going back to your hometown or having your deserved vacation is not that easy without having your leave approved by your boss(es). Fortunately, I was granted the two-day leave after working for long hours last month. Being with my family is definitely priceless — even for TWO DAYS.

So, here goes my simple reflection. It is indeed a blessing that I was given the opportunity to be with them. Being outside from home for one year and a half made me appreciate my country more and the people in it. I do admit that I did not feel the nostalgia because I am surrounded with lots of work and activities. Thus, my mind was occupied with these things. It left no spaces for melancholy, pity or negative thoughts, though I am naturally a person always looking the glass half empty. Now that I am given this chance, I am not going to lose it. I also have a more understanding now why friends are so addicted to going back home, not to mention that some of them are taking care of their parents/siblings that are inflicted with sickness.

That part where they go back to their hometown for that reason is without a doubt heartbreaking. To be honest, I do not want to experience that part. I remember an adage where it says that it is better to give flowers to someone who is alive rather than give it to someone who is already dead. The alive person can still smell the flowers and adore its beauty while the dead can do nothing about it. If life is certain, death is also certain and it will knock on our doors unexpectedly.

I would rather visit them that I am still ALIVE. I would hug and tell them that I love them so much now that they are still alive. I do not like to have regrets that I was not able to let them know how I feel and how I care and love them deeply. It might be beyond words can explain but if I lose the opportunity of letting them know now, they may never know. I actually did tell them before I left our home. The last time I called my mum, I told her I love her. And, I will do it again when I get back.

It sounds cheesy and that is a fact. Showing how much we love them is a cheesy act but death is not. When we are in front of our loved ones’ graves, would saying those words sound cheesy at all? If at any point I would die, I would be glad that they do know that they are the reason why I breathe, they are the reason why I do things that I am doing now and most of all, they are the core reason why I live.

Who are your blessings in life? Have you told them lately that you love them? Go on. Just do it. If it is not possible to do it real time, send a mail or call them up. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 🙂

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