On Writing: Quantity or Quality?

In writing, I have always believed that quality must come first before quantity. Even if you search these two (2) terms in the dictionary, quality comes first. Reading numerous useless articles is tantamount to wasting the time of your readers (and followers). As a blogger, you might have noticed that it is useless to have many posts that have no meaning or sense at all. Your readers can feel that and might not come back for more if they see that you are just writing posts just for the sake that you should have something published in your site.

Good articles with quality and substance must be our motivation when we write. Being a writer is never easy. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to write a ‘mean’ article. Rejections are also everywhere and any writer must be ready to face the fact that he/she can be rejected and criticized. Above all, we must be aware that when we hit the Publish button, we are making ourselves available for scrutiny. Let us not be afraid of the revisions and criticisms because they make us better. If you want to avoid criticism and you don’t want to improve, quality will never be achieved.

Let us also remember that whenever we write, we are putting ourselves out there. We are making ourselves vulnerable. We must somehow make our readers feel that we, too, can be hurt and can commit mistakes like they do. We must also be relatable and realistic in our writing. Forget being fake and making others feel that you know everything. In my opinion, an article is more effective if it is honest and raw. Otherwise, if a writer is always putting up a front and does not walk his talk, he should not be writing at all.

Do not be worried about what others might think, about not getting herds of followers or hits. Worry or agonize if you cannot write with sense or if you cannot get your points across. In order to write a good article, words must be easily understood — simple and plain, not superfluous and grandiose. Our objective to write is to our make readers informed, not impressed.

As a matter of fact, one cannot truly call himself a writer if he does not write with quality. It is a shame that I am a writer by default (since it is my job) because I do not think I am good enough to write.  I admit that I am still practicing and still holding on to the rungs while climbing the stairs of writing. Yes, I am taking baby steps and I am still learning a lot of things.


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5 thoughts on “On Writing: Quantity or Quality?

  1. What you say is true, but someone famous once said in an article that I once read and then forgot when I needed to source it for this quotation, that writers write. In other words you need to write even if the quality is not that good because you only improve by practice and you can only call yourself a writer if you write.

  2. We live in a world that seems to value quantity over quality, but I too agree that quality comes first. Everything I write, even if just a comment, is important enough to do well.

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