Can We Really Listen?

~ When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. – Ernest Hemingway

From my experience, I have observed that everyone can practically give an advice but not everyone could really listen. Many people like to talk endlessly about themselves like it was their big time career  (I get it because that is human nature). If you like more talking, gossiping and blabbing then you must have a talk show. However, please make sure that you are really good so that the viewers will learn a lot about you. Thus, you make yourself productive. Useless talking is plain nonsense and a waste of time I guess.

If talking is more important, there should be two (2) mouths instead of one. Two ears mean that we should listen all the more, just like the other organs in pairs which do more functions — eyes, hands, feet, kidneys, etc. I do not despise the other single organs since they all have their respective functions that help other organs in the body to work well. Point is, there is no sense to talk more unless we have something good and important to say. Otherwise, let keep our mouths shut and do some favor to our vocal chords.

When I find myself doing a lot of talking, I pause and think that I should listen more. It is also when we listen that we get to learn more and we become better individuals. Let’s give our larynxes some loving it deserve. ❤ 🙂

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