If I Could Be You and You Could Be Me in One Day

In response to Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday.


No, what I mean is invisible. If I am invisible, I can be somewhat invincible. If I can be someone else for a day, I would still choose to be my invisible self. A part of me wants to secretly help people but I do not want them to know it is me. Altruism kicks in and my inner Santa would be able to help those who are in need. It is my form of giving back since I am also a person who needs help. If my answer is not valid because my invisible self is my own person, then I would like to be…

How about becoming the president of United States of America or the prime minister of Japan?  Being a president or prime minister is tough and a part of me tells me that I am tough — I have to believe it or else I’d stay a weakling for life!  Although I am not inclined to politics, I love the thrill and burden of being a real life superhero even for a day. I would not deny that I want to experience what power is like and how it feels to be an influential person. If you are wondering why I chose USA or Japan to fulfill my dream of becoming a politician for a day, I guess you know the answer. It is a no brainer that USA and Japan play a big role to the global economy and other things that concerns the world. No one can deny how powerful these countries are, especially the leaders whose decisions can affect billions of people all over the world. Imagine the adrenaline rush (headaches and lots of pain) and experience of running a country where one action from you can either make or break the world. If I performed well, a great change will happen but let us not talk about world peace because it is too tough to solve it in one day.

It would not hurt too, if the president and prime minister of the said countries would try to become me for a day. Why? So that they would experience that being ME is not easy, as well as being other people.  It never is and never will be considering the fact that every person is experiencing a battle within and we all share different adversities and trials that make the Earth heavier than its normal weight. I hope they would feel how hard it is for us to become spectators because we are the jury by default. We do not want to believe in false hopes and expect a change that will never happen. By understanding how hard it is to become each other’s own persons, it somehow gives justice to the casualties inflicted in each and everyone of us.

Game changer. Risk taker. Mover and shaker. Could all these be me?


I guess I will just continue my dream of becoming an influential person by becoming a writer. I am hoping that through my words, some souls would be enlightened to do the same. And, by becoming the person we always wanted to be, we become invincible in our own right.


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