Cringe or Not Cringe?

In response to Daily Prompt: Cringe-Worthy

Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm?

I rarely squirm even if a person (especially someone close to me) experience the embarrassment. I may not squirm but I somehow feel how that person is feeling. Thus, I express my empathy and let this individual know that it is just a mere case of a moment to be forgotten. Everyone gets embarrassed at some point. I have a plethora of embarrassing moments and now, I do not feel embarrassed at all because I got used to it. It has taken me years to just brush and shrug it off my sleeve. After all, people who get embarrassed and who rose up after feeling that kind of humiliation has gotten an ample amount of courage to get on  with life. That should be the correct attitude and mindset and not let other people’s opinions get on with our nerves. What they think is none of our business and it does not matter at all.

My heart sank if the person being embarrassed is someone close to me or if that person is helpless. A mistreated animal makes my heart bleed because such living thing deserves a good treatment — we all deserve a good treatment. We are not here in this world to be humiliated. We are here to experience life in all its glory and tragedy. The latter, of course, is inevitable but it is merely our choice that determines our fate. How we handle the tragedy that creates the adversities we experience will depend on the decisions we make.

Let us not make decisions that will make us cringe. The choice is entirely up to us. 😉

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