Appraisal Blues

~ How much I may have been of help I do not know. I have never made any claims in that respect, but I may confess that I have sometimes thought that you did not give me as much credit as I deserved. – Chanute

Working on different projects with crazy timelines is a breeze. I was not able to notice that I have been exactly working for a year already — only then when my friend came to my station and congratulated me. I just smiled at her and realized it was also her anniversary in our so-called corporate jungle.

I would admit that I felt neutral about the salary increase. I am not expecting because rumor has it that the increase is not justifiable — and that is true. Add that to the fact that I am also wearing different hats when working. I know that we do not mind doing tasks that are outside of our scope but it would not hurt if we are well compensated for it. The increase (and my salary) would also not compare to the salary I am getting before yet I am still grateful that I have come this far. True to what they say, one year is just short. But if we count it day by day, it would be three hundred sixty five long days!

What I have learnt is that it is how we perceive things. It is what we do with our mindsets that would matter in the long haul. Although I must admit that I deserve more than what they have given, I just tried to look at the brighter side of things. Besides, I was renewed and I am still working with a bunch of talented and good colleagues whom some of them have become my family already. There may be unreasonable deadlines and unworthy issues but I believe that there are still some good things that we can see in a situation per se, no matter how little.

That little good that I am seeing is what we call PATIENCE. I think by now, I have a “pinch” of it. Cheers to me! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Appraisal Blues

  1. This is a great attitude to have and I really admire you being able to admit the faults of your workplace. So many people are afraid to do so and see a salary raise as a raise rather than evaluating whether they’ve worked for it. Thinking about things that way is really important when it comes to confusing your “needs” and “wants” in life. Thank you for posting, I’m new-ish to WordPress and have followed your Blog for a bit of positive inspiration! 🙂

    • ~ Thanks for dropping by! I know other people have also experienced this. Wow, it was my pleasure to provide you ‘positive inspiration’ — I didn’t know that somehow, somewhere out there thought that there’s something positive in my blog even if half of it, I supposed, are rants and negative stuff. Well, I just want to write something we can relate to esp. topics about work. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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