Kudos to Me

Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back

Oh my, another Vitamin I post.  This may seem too advance but I might make it — my junk food abstinence.

It was this fateful day, 14th of July, when I made a pact with myself that I would only eat foods that serve me well and think more of happy thoughts and memories.  I am a big fan of all junk until it came to me that I should stop if I want a healthy body and sharp mind. Easier said than done and my 21st day hasn’t arrive yet — that is, if I will be following the 21-day habit.  I always fail whenever I set my mind to eliminate a bad habit because of my lack of awareness and focus. I would create another post if I happen to successfully finish my one month of junk food abstinence.

Another positive change is my punctuality. Big boss noticed that I come on time and I only get fifteen (15) minutes late compared to my normal thirty to sixty minutes last year. I don’t believe in resolutions but I like setting mini goals that are realistic and within my own reach. Being early in the office is kind of drastic for me as people especially friends, put their hands on my neck and forehead to check if I have fever.

I thought I cannot change this bad habit of being always late. It is hard to believe but I am now the one saying, “Why are you guys sooo late? Or, am I just too early?” 😀

Note: I have also done some things in my bucket list. It may be few but for me, it was really hard esp. when I did this. I’ll never do it again.


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