Necessities On A Deserted Island

If there are only five items to bring on a deserted island, I would have to bring the following:

  • Big tent or tarp – this will serve as my protection from the heat
  • Water bottle with filter – for a clean drink anytime
  • First aid kit – self-explanatory
  • Knife – for safety? hahaha! 🙂
  • Friend – so I will never be bored and if I die, at least we die together 😀

Too bad, I can only bring five items. But if I have to bring only one, I’d bring my friend. 😀


8 thoughts on “Necessities On A Deserted Island

  1. You’re much more practical than me! It would’ve never occurred to me to get those things; I would’ve probably taken a book, some chocolate… haha.

    • ~ Hi mah chocoholic pal! Hahaha, I would like to list chocolate on my list but they say we could only list 5. So, if I am going to bring you (friend), I am sure you would have some chocolates to share with me, right?! 😀

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