When losing a job leaves you with no choice but to start over

~ An eye opener for people who lost their jobs. What’s next? A beautiful adventure perhaps?! 😀

from horizon to zenith

I will be officially jobless in less than a month. I got sacked not for substandard work performance, not due to tardiness and absences, not for immoral conduct, nor for violations of company policy and procedures. The sheer unreasonableness of the reason kills me. I am not getting rehired at work because of my temper.

But who doesn’t have one?

Indeed, life is unfair. I had known this since I was five, and here I am almost 25 years later, still getting scandaled at the fact as if it was the first time I am experiencing injustice.

I had known about my dismissal 3 months ago, but I was on denial stage for so long and still so busy at work (I don’t even get why I continue turning in my best effort) that it didn’t sink in until the HR advised me to consume my leave credits.

In less…

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