What’s So Special About The Starbucks Planner?

Planner nerds and planner addicts reunite once again, all because of the much awaited Starbucks Planner 2015! Actually, I do not have one. This planner is owned by a good friend of mine, who asked me to create a customized cover for her SB planner. I customized the insides and included some mini papers and stickers she can use for her SBP.

Bookmark, chalk & coffee ink marker and planner
Bookmark, chalk & coffee ink marker and planner

For those who are wondering how to get this limited edition thingy, you must accumulate a total of 18 stickers (see mechanics). If you’re a coffee addict or a Starbucks fan, this would be an easy feat for you. Otherwise, you will drag yourself and your buddies to drink the beverages just to have the stickers. I am one of the victims but I did it for friendship. How sweet of me, huh?! 😀

customized envelope (planner protector)
customized envelope (planner protector)

While it is true that Starbucks are helping communities and some proceeds of this planner go to charities, it will cost a lot of bucks in order to redeem this cute planner made of cloth. Even though it is a bit costly (esp. for folks earning minimum wage), people are going crazy about it — whether to give this planner as a gift for themselves or for their loved ones.

recyclable bag
recyclable bag

So what’s the hype? I guess it’s because Starbucks provide a good experience for every customer. It all started there.  No wonder even if there is a better planner out there, people would always want the one created by Starbucks!

To cap it all off, I always meet Yhang (the owner of this planner) at the so-called world’s third place. It is convenient to meet her there since it is beside her office.

What more can I say? Starbucks has a very good marketing at that. Kudos to Howard Schultz and his talented team for their successful marketing! 🙂


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