On Rekindling Relationships

It’s almost two years since the pandemic has started. How are your relationships? Do you happen to know? ๐Ÿ™‚

When was the last time you really had a great time with your friend? I am not talking about the casual chats and texts. Almost anyone could do just that and take such things for granted. How are your friends doing?

When was the last time you reach out to her? When was the last time you called just to check how he was doing?

Have you ever visited a friend who is sick or a family member who needs you but hasn’t told you about it? How are we going to know if we fail to reach out or find it ourselves? Have you taken some time to do something for someone special? Have you told your offspring that you really miss them? Have you called your parents to let them know you are thinking of them? The list goes on and on and on…

I am not a perfect friend and the truth is, no one is ever perfect! But I can say that I do take time to check on other people esp. the ones closest to me. I have learned that my friend has cancer because I always check on her. I don’t expect her to tell me because that in itself is difficult for her. Sometimes, we just have to initiate the conversation, call or visit them, if possible. It may be human nature that at times, some people are just waiting for us to reach out. Fine then, let’s go and take the initiative.

I also happen to stumble on a friend’s post and decided to have a video call with her and she agreed. We felt like we are new friends again after losing in touch for almost three decades. Who would have thought that this is the start of a new and wonderful friendship? No one knew and I am grateful that she’s still the kind friend she’s used to be. This might be mushy but I have sent this to my long, lost friend.

Thank you for being a friend
In good times and in bad times
Never leaving me alone
And for always being there.
A good friend allows you to
Be yourself and see you through
Empty hearts become full
Journeys that are long have become
Adventures of a lifetime
Really grateful for all that you are to me.

Please reach out, even if you are the first one making the move. It can be the start of a wonderful relationship or you could be rekindling an old, beautiful one. Let the sparks burn and together, let’s create some light! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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