Benefits of Taking a Nap

I have read somewhere the benefits of taking a nap and the wonders it can do to our body, especially to our brain. This kind of sleep is called Power nap. Power naps do not make us feel groggy or sluggish when we wake up. It restores energy, makes us alert and promotes learning. I am doing a dry run of my power nap today when all my colleagues went out for lunch.

  • To get you started, find your own nook. It could be a quiet room with dim lights, a corner with some pillows or any place that you think will let you relax.
  • Lie down. If not possible, succumb to your most comfortable position and get ready to snooze between 10-20 minutes. Some say you can maximize the 30 minutes range but I suggest that we  stick to 20 minutes. Many friends who are power nappers have told me that the 15-20 minutes range is the best.  If you are a sleepyhead, take 1 cup of coffee before taking your power nap. The caffeine will kick in later when you need it the most.
  • Try doing your power naps every day until you get used to it.

I will update this post soon after observing myself doing this power nap.