Black Hole — No, Thanks!

In response to Daily Prompt: No Thanks.

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not?

I am a dot in this vast universe, a very small dot with dreams bigger than the milky way. I am the kind of individual who can live by the basics — a primitive in this modern era of existence. Assuming that I do not know Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I still can live with these basic needs: food, shelter and clothing. Can you imagine that I survived eight (8) years without television? To this day and age, I am still using a very old cellular phone without a camera (the old one where you press the keypad)! I know I am worse than a hipster and a retro man, I can even hear you say that!

When I read that Mars One plans a human settlement on that coveted red planet, I visited their site and dreamt that someday, I will be one of those earthlings-turned-martians who will live a glorious life there. After a little discernment, I don’t think I am ready for that new life outside Earth even if I am very much fascinated with every information about Mars. Moreover, if I have given up on my Mars dream, I wouldn’t risk my life having a holiday or a short visit to the Black hole.

Why not?! If I visit the Black hole, I would lose the chance of doing the things and dreams on my bucket list (since most places I want to visit is located here on Earth) and lose the opportunity to spend time with my loved ones. So to speak, I would never risk something that I could not afford to lose. Black hole is just a hole, a death sentence to anything since light cannot even escape from it. And, even if there is an escape, I would not take the chance. I would rather take my family and friends to a once in a lifetime exploration ala Christopher Columbus.

Are you ready to join me? You are welcome to ride my jet-turned-ship-turned-time machine of “Let’s Focus on the Most Important Things in Life.” 🙂