The Christmas Flight

This video made me smile and I am sure you’d smile, too. This is why real giving never fails. 🙂

Power of Touch Through Giving Love

Even if there are no words spoken, the power of touch transcends care and compassion. This blue jacket is one of the things I have put inside the relief goods bag that I have donated last month to Typhoon Haiyan victims. The jacket has a soft texture and is nice to touch.


I hope the recipient would feel being taken cared of and special when he/she gets this because this jacket is one of my favorite items (because of the color). Some folks say that we should not give our favorite items especially if it is sentimental to us or it has a special meaning. But knowing that the recipient could use and appreciate it more than I do, I did not have second thoughts of giving it right away. Also, we should be giving/donating gifts that are still useful and presentable. Many people donate stuff that are really old and damaged and this is a big mistake. Because of such gestures, the true meaning of giving is lost. When we give something, it should be given out of love.