Dare to Do Something

Sometimes, if not many times, I just want to dissolve. I felt like I don’t know anything and I’m not doing something good. Okay, enough of this nonsense drama. I just said these sentences to emphasize that it is normal to feel this way, at least one point in our lives. Every year, I have a self-ritual. It is not actually a ritual but it is something that I want to do: learn a new thing or dare to do something I haven’t done. It must be something that I think I cannot do, something that intimidates me. What is that one thing for you? For me, it is cooking. I attended a cooking class and met wonderful people. They are so wonderful that even if I don’t know anything about cooking, they happily shared what they know. The teachers are nice and there’s no excuse that I couldn’t learn. So, I opened myself to learning and I listened a lot. Of course, I dared to cook. My insides felt fried but I kept going until I have cooked some edible meals. There’s something cool about knowing that we can feed ourselves. Even if I am not a cook, I can feed myself. To be honest, I don’t like the taste of my cooking but at least, I have felt that for once in my life, I did something right. And that is, cooking my own meal. Did you dare to do something you haven’t done? Just do it. Give it a try. You don’t know what you’re capable of if you don’t try. What have you got to lose? Whether you win or lose, you still gain experience. Dare to start. Dare to fail. Dare to be great. 😀

Becoming A Minimalist

Less is more. So this year, I want to try to become a minimalist, a certain note higher than my old minimalist self. And because I am my own guinea pig, I would want to see for myself if being a minimalist (a notch higher) would do me more good than harm. When I am climbing mountains, I only carry things that I need so my pack won’t be as much heavy. It gets heavier when tiredness sinks in.

Compared to most people, you could say that I own less stuff except for the gifts I send back home. I tend to hoard stuff to be given to loved ones. I’d put it all in a big box then I send the box home. This is cheaper than having the items checked in at the airport come departure time. I wonder if I could do with less waterproof and Badtz this year. But iTunes? I don’t think so. It’s just great that I have a terabyte hard disk and a cloud somewhere.

Listed are the advantages of being a minimalist:

Note: Ditch what is not applicable to you.

1. Ask yourself if there is a need to buy the item. If you are not going to use it more often and it is not a necessity, forget it.

2. If you are a lazy bloke like me and you are not fond of arranging things, having less stuff is easier. It would be easy to just clean the little stuff you have and your place would not be that messy. For reading materials, have a reading app (Zinio,Kobo, Google Play, etc.) on your phone/tablet or own a Kindle.

3. Buying less stuff would save you more money. Because of this, you could buy a sensible item or a coveted one that you’ve been eyeing for the longest time.  If your budget permits, buy something that is durable so it would last for a very long time. Therefore, it would save you more bucks. Although for collectors, I know this is not applicable.

4. Because you only have things that you need, you would be sure that each item will serve its purpose very well. The item will be very useful until it gets old and damaged. Let us learn to recycle as much as possible.

5. There will be less worry about losing and finding stuff. After all, less is more.

I guess I am just fortunate that I collect and create moments. My mind is my repository, a vast space with an unlimited storage capacity. Further, we could also own a minimalist’s mind. Get rid of unwanted and bad thoughts and focus on the good ones. As with any problem, we are allowed to think of our problems only if we are also thinking about the solutions. Is this a great way to start the year? What do you think? 🙂

Why I Don’t Believe In Resolutions

First, let’s be clear on what a resolution is. A resolution is firm decision about something that we do not want to do (and vice versa, but mostly the former definition is the most popular). I, for a living example, would be telling myself that I’d never be late again, ever. Did it happen? Was I able to change my situation after that creating that resolution? If you think I was able to change for the better after that, you are wrong. I did not and it has gotten worst after that. I won’t, I will not, I will never, what the ****? What’s the resolution anyway?

Note: In my own context for this post, resolution is referred to as the I-will-not-do-this kind of thing.

Now, what is a goal? A goal is a result that we wanted, the outcome that we expect to happen and for me, it is more realistic because it comes with a deadline. While a goal is hard to achieve and can put pressure to any state that we are in, it pushes us to become better. What is the point of setting something that you want to achieve and then you don’t know when do you want to achieve it? Even if you are telling yourself that you’d get it in a year, it would seem like you are procrastinating and having some excuses. If it does not happen this year, you would tell yourself that you can make it happen next year. See, that is resolution. A resolution is not clearly defined like a goal. That is why New Year’s resolutions never end! We just have to break the resolution cycle!

If a goal is not achieved after the set date, then you’ve got to try again and you must not stop until you reach your goal. In my opinion, it is more achievable that way rather than falling into the trap of resolutions. We are going to say that we won’t do this and that and then after some time, we caught ourselves saying, “Omg, I did it again.” Well, that’s just an opinion but that kind of thinking stops us from being the productive persons that we are. Would you rather have more resolutions than goals? Would you rather believe in the power of I-won’t-do-this than the power of I-will-do-this on this date no matter what? What do you think is more feasible?

I am not saying that creating resolutions is a bad thing. If it worked for you, then proceed and do what applies more to you. From my experience, I’ve been dumbfounded with creating resolutions. I am left with my list never cleared. My resolutions remained as resolutions and I just felt bad about it. If we are feeling bad at some things in general, would it give justice if we just let it go? And so I did. I have let go of the numerous resolutions I have made — those countless resolutions that are put into paper but never put into reality.

Besides, most successful people say that to be able to achieve your dreams, you must achieve your goals first. After all, goals are nearer to dreams compared to resolutions. For evidence, please confirm and consult Mr. Webster. Have a great 2014 everyone!

P.S. We do not need to set many goals at once. Having set little goals that are always achieved is key rather than a bulk of resolutions that are going nowhere. It would not hurt to prepare a bucket list and do what’s in it before you kick your bucket for good! 🙂