When the Dog Blinks

~ Just like a dog, I obey my master. But I have to bark or bite if my master asks me to do shit. – Bliss Steps

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My Blog About

My blog is about everything I wanted to share especially topics about life, work and travel — and just maybe, some shit that I think we can all learn from and of course, reality. Welcome to the  Lurker’s List!

A nomad who loves to travel and likes to collect adventures. A foodie who loves to eat and try all foods in the world. A music junkie who is just crazy about all types of music. A person who likes almost everything and wants to learn new things every single day.

I like reading news and blogs. I like talking to different people from all walks of life irregardless of their nationality. I am a lurker who now feel the need to share what I have seen, felt and observed on this very big classroom called Earth. And now, I have to be involved on what is going on with the world and its people. So, I am writing this blog and I do hope you would enjoy my “Lurker’s List.”

Note: Forgive me for using the first person, it is like too much Vitamin I.  🙂 This is the easiest “person” for me to write. :)

101 Basic Things About Me

1 I am the eldest child in our family.

2 I have two sisters who I consider my best pals.

3 I love animals esp. dogs, cats and rabbits.

4 I like swimming and diving compared to other sports.

5 I am 60% extrovert, 30% introvert and 10% crazy or so I thought.

6 My mind automatically shuts down if I don’t listen or if I don’t like the person I am interacting with.

7 Some people think that I really like them when they do not have the faintest idea that I hate them so much.

8 I am super kind and a very forgiving person.

9 I like chocolates (esp. Reese’s and Royce) and ice cream so much.

10 I find Bad Badtz Maru cute that’s why I have mini stash of it.

11 I like liquor and wines but I try to avoid it as much as possible.

12 I always think of Whopper (dog) bec. thinking of her makes me feel like I am home.

13 I want to live like a nomad until I get old and die.

14 I have a crazy bucket list where half of it must be fulfilled before I reach 60.

15 I want to publish even one book that is very informative and influential.

16 Many people say I look happy when the truth is I am feeling sad or mad.

17 I have dry, sensitive skin and I really hate it.

18 I get headaches and migraines easily esp. if the weather is hot.

19 I maintain a blog and I wish to write my 100th post soon.

20 I don’t like to be a mysterious person at all.

21 I can live without tv, cell phone and a laptop.

22 I like trekking esp. when my sister is with me.

23 I am the type of person who will say I do not know a thing even if I really know it.

24 I am a good keeper of secrets and things of other people.

25 I think my life is an open book.

26 I do not like to brag because I want to stay humble.

27 I keep a diary until now.

28 I hate packing things but I love to travel.

29 I am a nocturnal person.

30 I doodle a lot and can write upside down.

31 I was once an agnostic.

32 I wish I am a bit taller and tanner.

33 I love myself now.

34 I have a love-hate relationship with my body.

35 I like planking because it wakes me up in the morning.

36 I have at least one meatless day a week.

37 Water is my favorite drink aside from lemon and watermelon juice.

38 I easily get bored.

39 I complain a lot.

40 I collect experiences and document such on a monthly basis.

41 I prefer wearing slippers and rubber shoes than high heels and sandals.

42 I give personal things to friends even without any occasion.

43 I like to taste different kinds of foods.

44 Science is a fascinating subject for me.

45 I believe in quantum physics.

46 I love to create stuff and do origami.

47 2011 is by far a tough year for me.

48 I love to take risks.

49 To pass the time, I read just about anything.

50 I browse magazines more than I read the articles.

51 I am obsessive compulsive.

52 I rarely promise but when I do, I keep it.

53 I always gaze at the sky if I am outside.

54 I am a grateful person.

55 Gummy bears, crinkles and frozen yogurt are my comfort foods.

56 Google is my favorite website.

57 I like graphics and drawings a lot.

58 I like to stare at little kids and babies.

59 I live to eat and I eat to live.

60 I love to take photos of moving objects.

61 I wear my five-finger socks whenever I hike.

62 I like plain writing so that my readers can easily understand what I have written.

63 I watch movies and music videos every month.

64 I don’t like to waste time.

65 I am not shy to apologize.

66 I am a pessimist.

67 I am spontaneous.

68 As much possible, I use my own bag whenever I shop.

69 If I am a sea animal, I like to be a whale or shark.

70 If I am a fruit, I like to be a jackfruit.

71 I love to drink tea esp. milk tea.

72 I get ticklish whenever I have a massage.

73 I like my things to be waterproofed esp. my hard disks.

74 I was bitten by a cat.

75 When I am bored at work, I take a walk.

76 I don’t listen to music when I run.

77 I hate plagiarism a lot.

78 I eat during midnight.

79 I like going to concerts.

80 Trying different kinds of foods has become my habit.

81 I tend to be paranoid at some things.

82 I am not judgemental and I don’t condemn people.

83 I don’t believe in first impressions.

84 I have a list of my firsts.

85 I never get tired of eating barbecues esp. chicken and pork.

86 I am at my weakest when I have dysmennorhea.

87 I love the color cyan.

88 I have friends in every continent except Antartica (as of 2012).

89 I have a pen pal in Poland.

90 I like to abbreviate words and I have created my own abbreviations.

91 I love giving foods to people esp. friends.

92 I hate using the word ‘myriad’ because I think it is overused.

93 I love wintermelon tea so much.

94 I have a cabinet full of gifts from friends.

95 I cuss but I always try to avoid it.

96 I always tell myself I am human so that I will remember.

97 I always wear black every Valentine’s Day.

98 I celebrate my birthday the week after, not on the day itself.

99 See, I have my own crazy rituals that I just invented.

100 I am a fan of ethical living.

101 I like having lists. Thus, I endured answering this piece of shit. :-)

When Times Get Rough, We Gotta Play Ball

I am an adult or so I thought. I hope these photos would make you smile and would make you want to capture funny, priceless, endearing moments. A cheesy cliché but it makes sense when you feel your world is too heavy or harsh. Funny photos bring out the kid in you, would make you remember that life is indeed good. So, cheer up!

I may be overreacting but I am euphoric that I have found a way to cope with stress. In this image, I am playing with my team mate, Celeste. I cannot find the right word more apt to describe this act, but PLAY. In the midst of our UAT, deployment chaos and unreasonable deadlines, stress is not evident in our faces. To appease ourselves, we played the magic ball of fire in my mac.


The ball was so fast and we want to catch it so we can have a good shot. The plan was to catch the ball the moment it landed on the middle of the screen.


And then, it went down. Oh my ball, oh my ball! We both screamed, as if scream is the right word to use. What I am sure of is we were both squealing and giggling. There is  a  happy thump in my heart and this time,  I really felt it.


It seems like the ball does not want to be caught at all. Are we going to give up? A big NO. Even if this just a play, giving up is not in our vocabulary. Look at how my friend gamely posed for these photos. All candid shots, no revisions or Photoshop.


To touch the ball was like heaven to me. Hahaha, what a hyperbole of a moment! Let us talk about capturing awesome moments like these!


Finally, the ball landed to her! She is the winner but there is no contest. This is the first time we did this “thing” and we somehow felt like fools. After all, we are big kids with big responsibilities. I cannot thank her enough for giving in to my childish ways but I am grateful she opted to play with me. What is life without friends? I would rather not know.


If this is not TEAM WORK, I do not know what is!

Note: Thanks to my cool and loving team mate for bearing with me. It is hard to find a team mate who is a nice person on a personal and professional level. My heartfelt thanks, Cel. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Too Soon and Playtime