Who’s Your PH Presidentiable this 2016?

Binay. Duterte. Poe. Roxas. Santiago. They’re all willing to serve the Philippines and who doesn’t? Who wouldn’t want to have the most powerful seat in the country? But the question is, who is best suited for this critical position? The choice that we make today will have an effect 5 to 10 years down the road. Are we going to vote without thinking? The decision, of course, is up to us. And if we fail to vote wisely, the country will always be in turmoil… as always.

As a Filipino, I lost enthusiasm over this election thingy. It seems like no matter what I do or no matter what we do, it would take much time before curing the diseases that plagued our country. And now what, there’s vote buying everywhere so what’s the sense of voting? Am I just going to vote again just to practice my right to vote or am I going to vote because of  my country’s future? Is there still hope? No one knows but we can give our country a chance by choosing someone who cares for the country like a mother cares for her children.

Since I am not much into the election, I decided to look on the performance of each candidate and how long have they held their positions well. Time may not be everything or it may not be the essence or measurement of performance but if a politician has been a public servant for so long, chances are he is capable (although it doesn’t apply to all).

Of all the candidates, I am torn between Santiago and Duterte. These two candidates have already earned their rights as real public servants serving the country for so long. The other contenders are also veteran politicians but I believe that it is high time for these two to hold the presidential post. Whether or not Binay, Poe and Roxas will win, it is obvious that they can still do what they do best by serving the country in their own ways. They could be assigned to other government agencies and sectors and can run for president in the next 6 years.

It’s just that in my own opinion, it is an opportune time for Duterte or Santiago to run to become the next Philippine president. Some people would want to vote Santiago but due to her health reasons, they opted not to. The thing is, even if she’s sick, she’s still the responsible servant that she is and for those wondering if sickness will take over, while it might, it will take several years down the road. Or, by that time, she’s already back to normal. After all, she’s doing everything to regain her health. I don’t think Santiago will jeopardize our country’s well being — she’s on top of her game every single time.

Besides, of all the senators in the country, it is a well known fact that Santiago has passed the most number of bills which means that Philippines can expect changes from her. Otherwise, the Filipino people wouldn’t re-elect her to be senator for the past years. Miriam magic or not, if we want to get things done, I’m sure, Santiago will come to the rescue.

Best of luck, Philippines!


When you left I did not look

Into your eyes but

You looked into mine

So I noticed you.

You said goodbye

So I smiled

And you smiled again.

You held your gaze

And I wondered why.

Maybe or just maybe

Because I am

Your Favorite.

What is a Good Leader?

In response to the Daily Prompt: The Clock.

That question is the one question I always ask whenever I transfer from one organization/company to another. Also, while writing this post, I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock. Oh, I have a deadline today! What really slammed (not the car door, obviously) was his voice asking me to submit the document he asked me to edit, fifteen minutes ago! Wow, am I that fast and he’s asking for it in an instant? What about him, this so-called leader who intently looks at us one by one? Is he doing his work or just plainly acting that he’s so damn busy?

Note: This article is created not for scrutiny but mainly for observation and reflection.

I don’t know how am I going to start this article without sounding emotional or bitter. I admit, I am not good at concealing my feelings and my thoughts. When I am mad, sad or pissed,it just shows even if sometimes I dare hide it. Am I setting a good example to my readers by revealing who am I really with these mere words? Pardon me if I may sound harsh with the succeeding lines that you will be reading. But, this is just me, being real and nothing more.

It just pisses me off how one person, who is a boss or a leader for that matter is not setting a good example. Come on, what’s the point of being a superior if you cannot be a good example yourself? Being someone who is an authority means that you are taking responsibility. Not every person gets the chance to be a leader, a superior or a higher-up, and when someone gets the chance to be one, the essence just fades. It fades because the term “leader” is not even given any justice at all. It remains as a plain, dull word that is not given any substance or meaning per se, which would just insult the definitions on any existing dictionary.

I am not an authority to say and elaborate these things but being a follower, I have carefully observed the people I am interacting with, especially friends and colleagues. We all learn from the people we meet in life, no matter how trivial the time we spent with them. Some made us smile, mad, inspired and motivated us but what remains remarkable, in my opinion — are the people who can lead and make a good impact in other people’s lives.

Listed are my top three (3) opinions on what makes a good leader:

  • A true leader knows how to communicate with his people. He listens and knows how to empathize with his people.
  • A good leader knows how to respect his people, accept them as they are and reveal them their potentials.
  • Most importantly, a leader sets a good example for others to follow. He walks his talk. What he preaches, he religiously do and leaves a legacy long after he is gone.

Let me know what sets a good leader apart from the rest. Please comment and suggest. Thanks!