The Power of 6%

This is a test post. Free writing.

I’ve been oblivious to the fact that it has been two years since I started this blog. I didn’t remember the date and forgot about that. Not that I am date-addicted but I do remember some happy dates in my life and that date is one of those dates — fun dates I supposed.

Why 6%? I got 6% batt power while writing this post. and now, down to 5. They say it is a good practice to just write about anything. You set the time and then get writing. I am down to 5% now.

I have colds. I don’t like this feeling. Teary eyes and running nose and I am not even chasing anyone. Not even the jobs posted in each job/company site. Yes, I am jobless for the nth time but this time I am loving it. 🙂

I am thinking what to eat later. I am not a gastronome and not even a foodie. I just love to eat and enjoy the experience. Each bite is a blessing and each bite reminds me how rich and thankful I am. Each bite would add up the days to my existence, er, living. 😀

3%. What else to write? I am munching on these wasabi coated green peas. Damn, I can feel the heat emitting from my nose due to wasabi. Hahaha!

Really? Now it is 2%. This free writing practice enables us to write whatever that comes to mind in a matter of few minutes. It looks like it does not have any sense but consider your piece of writing as a useful writing prompt. If it is not useful now, it may be useful in the future.

I am not waiting for 1%. I am going to hit Publish button now. Quick. I am just putting this piece and myself out there. Thanks. 😉

A Week in the Life Series of a Lurker (will launch soon)

Referring myself as the lurker because I run this blog is pathetic and corny. But for now, forgive me at that. 😀 It is a general term that I use to describe myself. Although I am not associating myself with my job status, I’d rather consider myself a lurker. I do not want to refer myself as someone specific (e.g. writer, worker or whatever). All of us are lurkers in our own right, the only difference is the experiences we have and the adventures and journeys we choose to embark on. Other than that, I think it is safe to say that we are in the same boat. 🙂

A typical day of my life is a day where I eat, take a bath, read some stuff online and feast on some news, chat with friends and colleagues, do my job and do some errands if there are any. See, I am just like all of you there, doing what most people do. However, in the succeeding posts for this A Week in the Life series, I’d tell you what I do on a normal basis (boring, eh?) with a twist — things I’ve learned and what I find funny with some facts that I also do not know of before. I’d keep the posts succinct so you won’t be bored reading long posts that seem to be never ending.

Note: I would also like to apologize because my English is not superb. If I am able to convey my thoughts and you understand it, thank you very much. I am also open to criticisms so please keep it coming. I have developed a thick skin already and I am used to accept such bad or rude comments — it is how we perceive it that matters. Please do comment and let me know what you want more to be discussed and read about in my blog. Thank you to those peeps who sent me comments. I really appreciate it. Have a happiest V-day everyone! ❤

I Wish to Change

~ I wish to change the world but then I remember that I have to change myself first. Change the bad in me — the unstable mindset and attitude and other unlikely things that have a bad effect. Change is crucial if we want to expect a different outcome. Only then we could say that we somehow left our ‘comfort zones’ if we give in to change. – Bliss Steps

The Blog Exchange Challenge

In response to Daily Prompt: Switcheroo.

Note: As much as I’d like to choose the Daily Post, I wouldn’t list it here so it would not seem to be biased since it is a known fact that DP is a great choice for a switch.

There are lots of wonderful blogs in this world but if I have to choose only one, I’d choose ski girl’s blog, Not Taken, Not Available. Her posts are honest, intimate and totally relatable. Not to mention that we share the same passion of enjoying outdoor adventures. 🙂

Further, there are also other beautiful and informative blogs we would not want to miss. Here are my top five (5) favorites in alphabetical order:

And, there are a lot more! Cheers!