Dress for Success

I am never fashionable, let alone being natty. People would always find me wearing my old clothes and I would literally look like a rag doll or a stinky garbage. No exaggeration, just pure truth. I don’t care about my looks or what other people think of my appearance. Until, one day it all changed.

According to research, it helps when we dress for success. Even if we don’t realize it, most people are suckers for good looks and first impressions. The moment their eyes laid on you, impressions are formed in an instant! Who would want bad impressions? No one, not even our cute pets! Even animals have their own ways to be beautiful and to attract mates! Those crucial five seconds can have a great impact on how a person thinks about you, especially when you are applying for a job. Since evaluators know nothing about you, they unconsciously judge you for your appearance. It sucks but that’s just human nature. If you want to get that part, you should dress to look like it!

Yeah, it can be that superficial but how we look and carry ourselves matter in work and in love. As a business owner you wouldn’t want your employees to look like trash especially when clients are around. You also wouldn’t want the love of your life look sloppy and dirty, what a pity!

We don’t have to be fashionable to look presentable. It pays to look neat, nice and clean. So, what changed my mind to be a little bit natty? Simple. Although I’m not vain about my looks, I want to look like human. I want to look presentable in pictures and in person. And now that I am a mum, I want my child to be able to say, “Look, I have the most beautiful mum in the world!” 😀


What It Takes to Become a Successful Blogger

Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

I would like to think that I am more of a happy blogger rather than a successful one. As we all know, blogging is a learning process and to become successful at that would entail a lot of practice and dedication.

I am not on a level where I can consider myself a successful blogger but if these points would be achieved, I might consider that I am near or could be successful, at least in my own standards. Here’s my nugget list:

  • Inspire and influence people in a good way that would make them do the same.
  • Being able to show your true self while not being afraid of what others might think about you.
  • Write what you have learned so that others would learn from it, too.
  • Write posts that people could relate. Readers would be more drawn to you because you have established a connection.
  • Blog, blog, blog and blog until you can but only post when you have something sensible to post. Otherwise, keep the negative thoughts, grievances and shits to yourself. You do not want others to be in a bad mood — unless, the post you want to portray is otherwise.
  • Write posts that are useful. Have some topics that you are most passionate about.
  • Learn continuously. It is only  through learning that we become our best selves.

I am hoping to reach 100 posts and that is yet to come. For fun, I am hoping to reach at least 100 followers before 2013 ends. I am just fascinated with the number 100. However, 101 and above would not hurt.

Thanks for reading and for keeping up with my eccentric and nonchalant writing. Finally, I was able to keep my blog for a year and experienced the warmth of WP community. You know, things turn out to be great or successful when we least expect it.  🙂


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My Pill in the Climb

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it? – Daily Post

It’s been two years since my last climb. I am not a seasoned mountaineer or a person who is physically fit — one who can bit the odds and grinds of a tough mountain. I do not know exactly what is the correct threshold or measurement that is set for us to know if it is a major or minor climb. All I know is this, as long as the mountain is higher than 2,000 meters (6561.68 ft.), it is considered a major climb. Forgive me for my lame research, it is not an excuse for me to say that.

So I went and I climbed Mt. Yong Yap. I am not excited or ecstatic at all because I feel nervous. This is my second major climb after climbing three minor climbs (700 meters below) . See, I am such a newbie! I must admit that it was one of the hardest climbs for me. I was so wrong and nonchalant to the fact that I could be injured without having enough training. It was a spur of the moment decision to join other people who are triathletes and self-contained mountaineers. You bet, I am the only one who is a wimp! Thus, I felt like a worm — a weak worm waiting to be eaten by a hungry chicken. I felt down, so down that I just wanted to rest in my tent and feel the warmth of my thermal jacket. Just me. Alone.

The Dora in me is burning and so, I went! I continued to trudge the rocky and muddy trails and cross the river that I do not want to cross. We were always crossing the river that I almost lost count. This river filled my shoes with lots of sands and rocks and I was mad, really mad. It is natural yet my inner kid and immaturity started to kick in. Nevertheless, I have reached 22,783 steps and that is just the first camp site we have reached then I turned off my phone (I used the Walking mate application to compute the steps). If you ever see me that time, you’d see a kid that is eligible to win a Best Childish Act Award in the Oscars.

First day of trekking was awesome. I was able to keep up with their pace but I felt exhausted. It is not me since I am just keeping up with them. Too bad. So, on the second day, I went with my own pace. I do not have choice but to reach the summit on time because I was bringing the group’s food! That made me feel worse considering that they cannot eat if I was trekking too slow. For me, it was too slow (although the guide said it was fine) but I kept going. This is also the first time in my life that I did stop to take a breather or what they call “take five.” I was just too pressured so I carried on even if I want to literally snooze under the comfort of the canopies.

Thirty minutes. I was thirty minutes late but I made it. I am the last one in my group to reach the summit. As much as I want to feel humiliated, a part of me felt happy. It only proved how mindset can take us that far, that it is possible even if you feel it isn’t. For a lazy and undetermined person like me, it was an improvement. It was a change. I can say that I am my own successful prototype of I-can-do-this-no-matter-what goal. I made myself my own guinea pig. No pills or vitamins at all, since I want to test myself if I can make it. Since I am not fond of taking pills or vitamins unless I am sick, I went on with my challenge. I won’t take anything just so I can test my body strength and more so, the strength of my mind. My amygdala told me just that and I followed suit.

I have to confess though. I am the biggest whiner you would ever meet. I complain a lot and talk nonsense but no matter how hard a situation is, I will push myself and test my limits. The next time I am going to climb, I will try my best to exercise and do my training religiously. As they say, reaching the summit is optional, but getting home safe is not. I would also want to descend without feeling any suffering. If I trained well, that would be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. I enjoyed but I am not fulfilled since I know deep within me that I lack preparation for this climb. If you are wondering, I did not use the pill. And, even if I am offered the magical pill, I wouldn’t use it — all for the sake of going au naturel. With or without that magical pill, anyone can make it as long as the mind first believes.

But here’s the thing. From that experience, my face was slapped. I realized that it is important to enjoy our sufferings once in awhile.  Did you know that there is joy in suffering? Only, if we have the guts to look for it. 🙂

Just Try and Get Better

How would you feel if your loved one (family, friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, someone special) does not believe that you can do it? If they say that you can’t, respect them because they are entitled to their thoughts. However, just do what you can. There is no need to prove to someone. Just try and get better every single time. – from The Bliss Steps Diaries