Not blind but my eyes cannot see

But of course it can feel

The harshness of this world

That is just so real.

The eyes are filling

With sadness and regret

Salty waters are dripping

Mind is boggling

Heart beats to death

Vision becomes foggy

And the torturing pain

Still I cannot forget.








If I Could Be You and You Could Be Me in One Day

In response to Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday.


No, what I mean is invisible. If I am invisible, I can be somewhat invincible. If I can be someone else for a day, I would still choose to be my invisible self. A part of me wants to secretly help people but I do not want them to know it is me. Altruism kicks in and my inner Santa would be able to help those who are in need. It is my form of giving back since I am also a person who needs help. If my answer is not valid because my invisible self is my own person, then I would like to be…

How about becoming the president of United States of America or the prime minister of Japan?  Being a president or prime minister is tough and a part of me tells me that I am tough — I have to believe it or else I’d stay a weakling for life!  Although I am not inclined to politics, I love the thrill and burden of being a real life superhero even for a day. I would not deny that I want to experience what power is like and how it feels to be an influential person. If you are wondering why I chose USA or Japan to fulfill my dream of becoming a politician for a day, I guess you know the answer. It is a no brainer that USA and Japan play a big role to the global economy and other things that concerns the world. No one can deny how powerful these countries are, especially the leaders whose decisions can affect billions of people all over the world. Imagine the adrenaline rush (headaches and lots of pain) and experience of running a country where one action from you can either make or break the world. If I performed well, a great change will happen but let us not talk about world peace because it is too tough to solve it in one day.

It would not hurt too, if the president and prime minister of the said countries would try to become me for a day. Why? So that they would experience that being ME is not easy, as well as being other people.  It never is and never will be considering the fact that every person is experiencing a battle within and we all share different adversities and trials that make the Earth heavier than its normal weight. I hope they would feel how hard it is for us to become spectators because we are the jury by default. We do not want to believe in false hopes and expect a change that will never happen. By understanding how hard it is to become each other’s own persons, it somehow gives justice to the casualties inflicted in each and everyone of us.

Game changer. Risk taker. Mover and shaker. Could all these be me?


I guess I will just continue my dream of becoming an influential person by becoming a writer. I am hoping that through my words, some souls would be enlightened to do the same. And, by becoming the person we always wanted to be, we become invincible in our own right.


The Lurker’s List of Lists

In Response to: Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction of a List.

My Dearest Readers,

Others may find lists boring and tedious, but I find it amusing and delightful! My blog is all about lists, listing everything I find interesting or whatever captures my fancy that day. It also contains some rants minus rumination of the things we do not like to hear. As much as I want to list everything, I do list stuff that would somehow make us see the positivity rather than the negativity we always see around us (we all have our own share of shits, I know). I hope you get inspired to create your own lists and educate others through listing stuff. I started creating my About and Bucket List, just to name a few.

Another advantage of creating lists is that we get to have more ideas — not to mention the trivia and new information it gives us. The lists that are created as you go along with your writing will help you write more about a certain topic because you were able to have a draft that is created through your list (and you are not even aware of it)! How cool is that?!

So, what’s your list? Feel free to post your urls on the comment text areas. I would love to read your lists! Cheers! 🙂

Yours truly,

The Lurker

P.S. One of my favorite is this list that looks like a story. Rather than have it bulleted, I just elaborated the list through telling a story about what happened to me that day. Very simple yet touching. Well, I hope so. 🙂

Smile. Learn. Live

In response to Daily Prompt: 180 Degrees.

I am just reminding myself that  there are still lots of reasons to smile amidst all the eccentricities and chaos in this world. If you are experiencing some drama, melancholy or adversity, you could still consider yourself lucky. You are still alive and actually reading this cliché.

When we are young, it looks like getting old is too farfetched. When we are in our 20s, it seems that being in our 30s feel like more than a decade. But in reality, when you are 30 (and above) it seems like being 20 is just so yesterday. Then, we’d be in our 50s and say, oh I miss my childhood days. Time flies by so fast. Now, I have proven myself that life is indeed short. I used to think back then that life is long and that I have all the time in the world to do what I want. I am so wrong. Can we just do the things we have put off doing? Again, life is short.

Realization: There is also no use to dread the fact that we are older. Getting old is never an issue. We do get old once we stop learning. I do not want to be dormant because I am not a volcano or a dying bank account. I just smile at the thought of these things and at the random learning and reflections everyday. This realization may be simple but I should have realized this ages ago. Hmmm….

Conclusion: Shit happens and I would endlessly rant about it. Suddenly, I just stopped. I am breaking the habit of complaining. Did complaining help me solve my problems? No. Did it help solving at least 1% of the problems of the world? Hell no, not even a fraction of it. Can I stop? I can and I am trying, which led me to start this 21-day habit challenge (be patient and nice). Some say it is not that effective but I want to see for myself if I can make it. I am up to the challenge. Whether or not this is successful, I would still try to become better or should I say, become the best possible me. One life means one shot which would literally mean ‘one chance.’

Am I losing it this time? I hope not because my only option is to live a life that I can call my life — a life on my own terms. Is this my 180° turning point?Well, I would like to think it is — I am on my 179° now and constantly tilting.

Action Item: After dying some time, this is my chance to really LIVE. Thus, I will be on my 180°. 🙂

Overcoming Procrastination

I am a procrastinator and certified at that. There were times when I do not notice that I am procrastinating, only at the end of the day I would realized how much time I have wasted. I have been putting off things that I should be doing. I know, it is a lame excuse for a writer to say that it is writer’s block when it is really procrastination.

I think it is a sin. Sometimes, I feel guilty and at other times, I feel nonchalant about it. And, it just came upon me that I should stop wasting my time. Wasted money can be recovered by hard work and moonlighting. Wasted body can be recovered by healthy foods and medicines. But, wasted time can never be recovered.

When faced with deadlines, no matter how unreasonable, I have learned to prioritized things. I determine the severity of a certain case then tackle it even if I do not feel like it. Piece by piece, little by little, each task will be done and accomplished. The hard ones I do first because it will take me some time and then, the easy ones follow.

Having an itinerary also helps and I put an alarm to it so that I would be notified. Our memories can fail but our lists won’t. When bored in the middle of completing a task and the urge to procrastinate sets in, I take a walk outside my office. Having a break refreshes the mind and body. Take note that this is not procrastination but an energy booster to combat time wasting.

If I feel like a kid on that day, I give myself rewards after completing my tasks. Let’s say I was able to finish 75% of it, I would reward myself an ice drop. If I was able to accomplish everything on that particular day, I reward myself a bottle of wine or a plate of chilli crabs. Having something to look forward to would overcome procrastination. With a sheer attempt it would but it takes more than ample amount of determination and a strong mindset to overcome this bad habit. If you really want to overcome procrastination or any weakness, you just have to say this to yourself: Just Do It!