Why You Should Never Doubt Yourself

One thing I’ve learned most about doubt is that it is one of our greatest falls as human beings.  On many occasions, I have doubted myself and I was so wrong! How could I be so negative and so doubtful of my abilities and existence? The bad thing is many people around the world lives with this sad notion about themselves. 😦

It is perfectly understandable to doubt another person, views, values, perspectives and a whole lot other stuff not related to ourselves. But to doubt ourselves? Definitely not! We owe a great amount of trust and confidence to ourselves. At the end of the day, we only have ourselves and  if we are not careful, we would neglect the importance of our existence. Life is too short not to see how special, blessed and lucky we are!

I have neglected myself for the past years and I have discovered that there’s nothing good that came out of it. It was a slow process to me to believe in myself more until I’ve come to realize that I can be more, even without others believing in me. When I was a child and I get scolded and told that I am no good, I felt bad automatically! Yes, just seconds after hearing their comments, I felt unworthy and useless. Of course, I was a kid back then needing for their approval and worrying about what they think of me!

Another realization came to me that as parents, we must also be careful about what we say to our children. If they believe they’re no good, they might bring that belief until they get to be adults. Apparently, as adults, it is our sole responsibility to discern our beliefs and views on things. I told myself that even if I’m not at my best, I’d start to believe in myself little by little until I fully believe in myself. Believing in ourselves is the first step to achieving our dreams.

I’ve stopped doubting myself that I cannot do something. I’ve stopped saying that I’m weak at this and that. I always give myself a chance at life and to live each day believing that I can do anything if I put my mind and heart to it. I choose to try first before quitting and saying that I cannot do it. As long as I’m not killed, it only means that I get to be stronger every second and invincible every minute. So are you. 🙂


The Bum’s Newspaper – A Day in the Life of a Bum

As I’ve said in my previous post, I’ll be writing something about my week. That’s a wrap, a full wrap because my hands are always full. Idle moments are also scarce if you’re the type of person who wants to be busy most of the time. I do not know if I should say this but at one point or another, I love being a bum. I also hate being one but hating it would just make matters seem worse so I’ve changed my perception about it. I could just think that these two jobless months are my vacation months. Does it count to be a hiatus? I’d like to think it does but it doesn’t. I went to job interviews this week, whew! Thanks to myself for being so persistent on applying, let alone that most of the job openings are for job pooling only. Whatever. 😀

In answer to the WP’s challenge, the objects that I am always using now are my cellular phone, laptop and newspaper! As primitive as it might sound, some of the job openings that are urgent are found in the island’s newspaper. And, I am holding it now. 🙂

Here’s my simple itinerary:

Morning: Exercise upon waking up. If I am too hungry, I just eat right away. However, there is no excuse not to stretch and work my butt downstairs. If I always sit and sleep, I would never get fit. Besides, I have to be healthy in order to prepare for the next medical exam, given that I’d bag that job. After my so-called exercise at the free gym downstairs (see, it’s free yet I am lazy), I take the stairs, sort of a cool down after the exercise. Then, I eat and apply online and follow up my applications by talking to some agents/headhunters.

Afternoon: Still doing that same damn thing, job hunting but with some chatting on the side. All work and no play would make me dead, er, dull. Once in awhile, it won’t hurt to treat ourselves to occasional reading or hobby when doing something that is tiring. Yep, applying jobs can be a tiring feat if you’ve been doing it for months esp. every single day wherein you’re on the lookout for the newest job posts the job site offers. I’ve read somewhere that it is nice to drift away from your current task every 25 minutes, then work again. It may not apply to most people esp. the ones who really like to concentrate on their tasks and not break their own momentum. But the 25 minutes break perfectly works for me. I have gotten used to it even if I am in the mood for writing.

Note: If you’re looking for a job, create/update your Linkedin account. Some employers found me there and called me up.

Evening: This is where I really take long breaks. After past 6 or 7PM, I take a long walk and play with a cat if I see one. I eat my dinner and have a dessert if I am not that full then have a long walk again. Before bedtime, I eat again, sort of a midnight snack or just drink a cup  of hot chocolate.

And what about the newspaper you ask? I still read it but I do not read the Careers Section. There’s more to life than just finding a job but I do acknowledge how important it is to have one. Without a job, I wouldn’t be able to prepare for the rainy days and won’t be a happy bum that I am now. Being the spontaneous person that I am, I honestly don’t know what to do next but one thing’s for sure, I’d have fun. No worries, just prepping for the next days to come with my trusted newspaper to keep boredom at bay. 🙂

P.S. Omg, I don’t know if the newspaper has a relevance to what I have written. Obviously, this is what happens when one becomes a professional bum. Cheers! 😀

Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

Thank you for reading my 100th post. 🙂

The Blog Exchange Challenge

In response to Daily Prompt: Switcheroo.

Note: As much as I’d like to choose the Daily Post, I wouldn’t list it here so it would not seem to be biased since it is a known fact that DP is a great choice for a switch.

There are lots of wonderful blogs in this world but if I have to choose only one, I’d choose ski girl’s blog, Not Taken, Not Available. Her posts are honest, intimate and totally relatable. Not to mention that we share the same passion of enjoying outdoor adventures. 🙂

Further, there are also other beautiful and informative blogs we would not want to miss. Here are my top five (5) favorites in alphabetical order:

And, there are a lot more! Cheers!

Helping Hand

Helping Hand

MY HAND – This the hand that has become rough after working for many years. It had some calluses and has become really dry yet I am proud that this hand helped me do a lot of activities esp. cleaning the house and rock climbing in my free time. This is the same hand that held my loved ones when they need my love and company. And, this is the same hand that would want to help you if you are in need.

Cringe or Not Cringe?

In response to Daily Prompt: Cringe-Worthy

Do you feel uncomfortable when you see someone else being embarrassed? What’s most likely to make you squirm?

I rarely squirm even if a person (especially someone close to me) experience the embarrassment. I may not squirm but I somehow feel how that person is feeling. Thus, I express my empathy and let this individual know that it is just a mere case of a moment to be forgotten. Everyone gets embarrassed at some point. I have a plethora of embarrassing moments and now, I do not feel embarrassed at all because I got used to it. It has taken me years to just brush and shrug it off my sleeve. After all, people who get embarrassed and who rose up after feeling that kind of humiliation has gotten an ample amount of courage to get on  with life. That should be the correct attitude and mindset and not let other people’s opinions get on with our nerves. What they think is none of our business and it does not matter at all.

My heart sank if the person being embarrassed is someone close to me or if that person is helpless. A mistreated animal makes my heart bleed because such living thing deserves a good treatment — we all deserve a good treatment. We are not here in this world to be humiliated. We are here to experience life in all its glory and tragedy. The latter, of course, is inevitable but it is merely our choice that determines our fate. How we handle the tragedy that creates the adversities we experience will depend on the decisions we make.

Let us not make decisions that will make us cringe. The choice is entirely up to us. 😉

Dystopia of Expectations

In response to Weekly Writing Challenge: Dystopia.

~ I have learned that not every person I meet deserve my kindness, not every person deserves a second chance and not every person is nice. – Lurker’s Tidbits of Learning

I do not generalize but I have observed that most of the things I have done for the significant people in my life is not reciprocated with love, effort and the amount that I expect them to reciprocate. So, what’s the wrong part with me even if I have given my all? It is because I expect. I expect too much — that I feel they should somehow appreciate what I have given.

The thing is, I should not expect at all because it is useless. When we expect, it is also like telling them subtly that there is an exchange for what we have given. When we help a person, when we give something to them, when we love them and when we risk our hearts getting broken again, we should just not expect at all. I think things would have been easier back then if I learned not to be tied up with my expectations.

Now, I guess I have learned the hard way. I hope you don’t so please do not expect. Love. Live. Give. Without Any Expectation. Let us create our own utopia, a world without boundaries, a world filled with love, abundance and most of all, acceptance. We must learn to accept that people might not be able to reciprocate. Take me or not, leave me or not, it is your choice. I am just glad that for the nth time I have embraced vulnerability at all costs.

Yes, I will never expect again. 🙂

What is a Good Leader?

In response to the Daily Prompt: The Clock.

That question is the one question I always ask whenever I transfer from one organization/company to another. Also, while writing this post, I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock. Oh, I have a deadline today! What really slammed (not the car door, obviously) was his voice asking me to submit the document he asked me to edit, fifteen minutes ago! Wow, am I that fast and he’s asking for it in an instant? What about him, this so-called leader who intently looks at us one by one? Is he doing his work or just plainly acting that he’s so damn busy?

Note: This article is created not for scrutiny but mainly for observation and reflection.

I don’t know how am I going to start this article without sounding emotional or bitter. I admit, I am not good at concealing my feelings and my thoughts. When I am mad, sad or pissed,it just shows even if sometimes I dare hide it. Am I setting a good example to my readers by revealing who am I really with these mere words? Pardon me if I may sound harsh with the succeeding lines that you will be reading. But, this is just me, being real and nothing more.

It just pisses me off how one person, who is a boss or a leader for that matter is not setting a good example. Come on, what’s the point of being a superior if you cannot be a good example yourself? Being someone who is an authority means that you are taking responsibility. Not every person gets the chance to be a leader, a superior or a higher-up, and when someone gets the chance to be one, the essence just fades. It fades because the term “leader” is not even given any justice at all. It remains as a plain, dull word that is not given any substance or meaning per se, which would just insult the definitions on any existing dictionary.

I am not an authority to say and elaborate these things but being a follower, I have carefully observed the people I am interacting with, especially friends and colleagues. We all learn from the people we meet in life, no matter how trivial the time we spent with them. Some made us smile, mad, inspired and motivated us but what remains remarkable, in my opinion — are the people who can lead and make a good impact in other people’s lives.

Listed are my top three (3) opinions on what makes a good leader:

  • A true leader knows how to communicate with his people. He listens and knows how to empathize with his people.
  • A good leader knows how to respect his people, accept them as they are and reveal them their potentials.
  • Most importantly, a leader sets a good example for others to follow. He walks his talk. What he preaches, he religiously do and leaves a legacy long after he is gone.

Let me know what sets a good leader apart from the rest. Please comment and suggest. Thanks!