A Reflection About Writing

It feels like decades since I last wrote a poem. I also don’t know how to write a beautiful one. I don’t want the words to just rhyme without a sense. Writing without sense would be like insulting the lexicon and our other great poets and writers and the art of poem making. But let’s not get too serious here as I am not a serious person, too. 😀

If you’re a budding writer or poet, I suggest that you should always write and not judge yourself. By nature, we are the most critical judges of ourselves but sometimes it won’t help. If we always judge ourselves and mind what we are doing, how can we ever write? Remember seeing this advice, “Don’t care about what other people think of you?” The advice is simple yet it means a lot when it comes to writing any other type of piece. If we always think about what others will say, we will never amount to anything. Did you notice that the best written pieces are the ones that have been rejected million times over?! 😉

I am not saying that we should always praise ourselves but it won’t hurt if we give
ourselves some little lovin’. So, hello and welcome imperfection! After all, imperfections are what make us human. We become imperfect first before we get to be perfect. Otherwise, if we are perfect, what’s the sense of practice and rewriting every now and then? As I have observed, writers write and rewrite and repeat! 🙂

I am not an authority to give you these words but I am talking from my experiences. Whether someone will write or buy our work doesn’t matter. What’s important is we continue to write and improve our craft (whatever your craft is), put our work out there and watch the magic happens. Remember Roald Dahl’s words: Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it!

These are the words in my head upon waking up from a severe headache due to consecutive coughing last night. If perfection is the criteria for a poem, mine would be the opposite. I always find myself writing pieces that our far from my expectations and the standards of many.

Never Waste Time

In this universe so vast
I can always notice
That life is so fast
Faster than the solstice.

Whether I look or not
Or know what time it is
The time on the clock
Is never what it is.

Let us do what we must do
And forget what we should not
To nonsense things we bid adieu
So greatness will be unlocked.

Never want to waste some time
Much have wasted in the past
Time wasted is like a crime
The damage is forever to last.

The Power of 6%

This is a test post. Free writing.

I’ve been oblivious to the fact that it has been two years since I started this blog. I didn’t remember the date and forgot about that. Not that I am date-addicted but I do remember some happy dates in my life and that date is one of those dates — fun dates I supposed.

Why 6%? I got 6% batt power while writing this post. and now, down to 5. They say it is a good practice to just write about anything. You set the time and then get writing. I am down to 5% now.

I have colds. I don’t like this feeling. Teary eyes and running nose and I am not even chasing anyone. Not even the jobs posted in each job/company site. Yes, I am jobless for the nth time but this time I am loving it. 🙂

I am thinking what to eat later. I am not a gastronome and not even a foodie. I just love to eat and enjoy the experience. Each bite is a blessing and each bite reminds me how rich and thankful I am. Each bite would add up the days to my existence, er, living. 😀

3%. What else to write? I am munching on these wasabi coated green peas. Damn, I can feel the heat emitting from my nose due to wasabi. Hahaha!

Really? Now it is 2%. This free writing practice enables us to write whatever that comes to mind in a matter of few minutes. It looks like it does not have any sense but consider your piece of writing as a useful writing prompt. If it is not useful now, it may be useful in the future.

I am not waiting for 1%. I am going to hit Publish button now. Quick. I am just putting this piece and myself out there. Thanks. 😉

5 Writing Tips: Be Like the Ants When It Comes to Writing

What is the correlation of ants to writing? An insect is very different to a craft, a hobby or a living – which is writing. Ants are akin to science and many topics have been written about it. In this post, I discuss the connection of the two.

1. Ants hoard foods. We could hoard topics, keywords, tips and ideas, just like writing prompts (see Daily Post and Plinky). All of these will come in handy when the inspiration to write strikes. But what about if there is no inspiration? Then, it leads you to the ant writing tip #2.

2. Ants keep trying. It is normal to have written untitled and unfinished posts, stories, essays or whatever. What’s important is you keep on writing and trying until you find your voice/niche to write and get your creative juices flowing. Being a writer is not easy, even if you are freelancing. What more if it is your full-time job? If it is your job, you should possess the ant characteristic in ant writing tip #3. At least, even a bit.

3. Ants are industrious. They are never lazy. As a writer, one can never be lazy especially if the post is informative and needs critical information and research. It won’t hurt to do some research before putting your written words out there. The information reflected in your writing must be (well, at least) correct and accurate if not near to perfect. No one is perfect but information must be captured well so as not to miseducate your audience.

4. Ants are busy. Was there a time where you remember so well that ants are idle? As humans, we have an excuse to be idle. But, when we start to write, it is better to keep our minds busy than idle the whole time. Taking a hiatus from writing, of course, is a different story.

5. Ants help each other. They motivate each other and they value team work. I have observed the ants in our garden and they greet and help each other carry the load of their fellows. Help is everywhere. We could always ask our friends to give honest feedbacks about what we have written. All we need is to open our minds, always practice and have ample patience until we get the writing done.  Eventually, it will lead to a bit of improvement and good results.

So, be like the ants when it comes to writing and never ever quit.

The Bum’s Newspaper – A Day in the Life of a Bum

As I’ve said in my previous post, I’ll be writing something about my week. That’s a wrap, a full wrap because my hands are always full. Idle moments are also scarce if you’re the type of person who wants to be busy most of the time. I do not know if I should say this but at one point or another, I love being a bum. I also hate being one but hating it would just make matters seem worse so I’ve changed my perception about it. I could just think that these two jobless months are my vacation months. Does it count to be a hiatus? I’d like to think it does but it doesn’t. I went to job interviews this week, whew! Thanks to myself for being so persistent on applying, let alone that most of the job openings are for job pooling only. Whatever. 😀

In answer to the WP’s challenge, the objects that I am always using now are my cellular phone, laptop and newspaper! As primitive as it might sound, some of the job openings that are urgent are found in the island’s newspaper. And, I am holding it now. 🙂

Here’s my simple itinerary:

Morning: Exercise upon waking up. If I am too hungry, I just eat right away. However, there is no excuse not to stretch and work my butt downstairs. If I always sit and sleep, I would never get fit. Besides, I have to be healthy in order to prepare for the next medical exam, given that I’d bag that job. After my so-called exercise at the free gym downstairs (see, it’s free yet I am lazy), I take the stairs, sort of a cool down after the exercise. Then, I eat and apply online and follow up my applications by talking to some agents/headhunters.

Afternoon: Still doing that same damn thing, job hunting but with some chatting on the side. All work and no play would make me dead, er, dull. Once in awhile, it won’t hurt to treat ourselves to occasional reading or hobby when doing something that is tiring. Yep, applying jobs can be a tiring feat if you’ve been doing it for months esp. every single day wherein you’re on the lookout for the newest job posts the job site offers. I’ve read somewhere that it is nice to drift away from your current task every 25 minutes, then work again. It may not apply to most people esp. the ones who really like to concentrate on their tasks and not break their own momentum. But the 25 minutes break perfectly works for me. I have gotten used to it even if I am in the mood for writing.

Note: If you’re looking for a job, create/update your Linkedin account. Some employers found me there and called me up.

Evening: This is where I really take long breaks. After past 6 or 7PM, I take a long walk and play with a cat if I see one. I eat my dinner and have a dessert if I am not that full then have a long walk again. Before bedtime, I eat again, sort of a midnight snack or just drink a cup  of hot chocolate.

And what about the newspaper you ask? I still read it but I do not read the Careers Section. There’s more to life than just finding a job but I do acknowledge how important it is to have one. Without a job, I wouldn’t be able to prepare for the rainy days and won’t be a happy bum that I am now. Being the spontaneous person that I am, I honestly don’t know what to do next but one thing’s for sure, I’d have fun. No worries, just prepping for the next days to come with my trusted newspaper to keep boredom at bay. 🙂

P.S. Omg, I don’t know if the newspaper has a relevance to what I have written. Obviously, this is what happens when one becomes a professional bum. Cheers! 😀

Weekly Writing Challenge: Object

Thank you for reading my 100th post. 🙂

I am Pissed About Writing But I Still Have to Write This

I am pissed. I joined this NaBloPoMo thingy but then I find it hard to write everyday. And now, I missed one day in a matter of minutes before I hit Publish button. While the objective is to write everyday and hone the writing skill, I just find it irritating that I was not able to keep up. I am not aware of the time, not prepared on what to write and the many excuses of I-do-not-know-why-it-happened kind of stuff. There are lots of sites helping everyone to write yet my brain is an empty can and as if, my ranting would do any help to make the situation better.

I want to give up on all the writing challenges and I want to stop reading the writing tips and stories shared by people who continued pursuing this craft. Before, all these and more inspire me to become a better blogger. Even if I feel I cannot write good, I feel that I should give it a shot and give it a try. Who knows I might get better even a bit? Perhaps it could help me be an inch closer to my goal of writing with substance and sense.

Okay, 10 more days to go and it is December 31. Where am I and what I am going to do on that day, I do not know and no one knows. I really do not want to finish the challenge (writing everyday for one month) because I think I am not good. But the objective of writing every single time is to become better until one becomes best. If I stop, I would never have to think and experience severe headaches. And if I continue, there’ll be more headaches and as expected, more sleepless nights or vice versa.

What I have learned from all these is what we can also learn in real life: There is always a price to pay to get what we want or to achieve our goals. 10 days may seem long but these 10 days are crucial days preparing me to really experience what it feels like to become a writer. I do not consider myself one, let alone my job as a technical communicator — a job that I accidentally got after I graduated from college. Writing technically is a lot different from writing creatively as one has to write and express himself in a creative yet figurative way that a reader can easily understand. That is my problem because I’ve never been creative with words.

Fine. Expect more posts from me. If you don’t mind, let me excuse myself first and I will just prepare some more pieces to be published for the last 10 days of NaBloPoMo. I would not want to miss 10 days of learning and if this is the start to become better at this craft, so be it. I missed 1 day and  I felt bad. If I miss 10 days, I might feel worst. This is another bout of mind setting for me to continue writing and now, I am decided that I will continue to write. So, if you think of giving up on your writing just like me, please also think about NOT GIVING UP yet. Please try again. You never know what good thing happens after that and where a good thing can lead next.

P.S. Most writers have a feeling that they are never good at what they do. If that is the case, take on the challenges. Just write. Who knows we can accidentally become better at we do?! 😀

* Nablopomo: More or Less – more tries

NaBloPoMo: The Unexpected Challenge

What motivates you to do something or to try something that challenges you? Seriously, I do not know. But, I made a decision to participate in an everyday challenge. I would not say that I would try just for the heck of it but I would do this Nablopomo thing. This is my first time participating this worldwide blogging event. The thought of doing something for the first time motivates me a bit and even a bit could ignite my dormant mind to think.

Okay, maybe I know now. I think I should get started. I suggest you do the same and sign up. This is one hell of a learning experience you do not want to miss, especially for the so-called would be writers.

Let our fingers do the dancing, do NaBloPoMo I hope you give it a shot. 🙂

NaBloPoMo December 2013

What It Takes to Become a Successful Blogger

Daily Prompt: Secret of Success

I would like to think that I am more of a happy blogger rather than a successful one. As we all know, blogging is a learning process and to become successful at that would entail a lot of practice and dedication.

I am not on a level where I can consider myself a successful blogger but if these points would be achieved, I might consider that I am near or could be successful, at least in my own standards. Here’s my nugget list:

  • Inspire and influence people in a good way that would make them do the same.
  • Being able to show your true self while not being afraid of what others might think about you.
  • Write what you have learned so that others would learn from it, too.
  • Write posts that people could relate. Readers would be more drawn to you because you have established a connection.
  • Blog, blog, blog and blog until you can but only post when you have something sensible to post. Otherwise, keep the negative thoughts, grievances and shits to yourself. You do not want others to be in a bad mood — unless, the post you want to portray is otherwise.
  • Write posts that are useful. Have some topics that you are most passionate about.
  • Learn continuously. It is only  through learning that we become our best selves.

I am hoping to reach 100 posts and that is yet to come. For fun, I am hoping to reach at least 100 followers before 2013 ends. I am just fascinated with the number 100. However, 101 and above would not hurt.

Thanks for reading and for keeping up with my eccentric and nonchalant writing. Finally, I was able to keep my blog for a year and experienced the warmth of WP community. You know, things turn out to be great or successful when we least expect it.  🙂


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My Blog About

My blog is about everything I wanted to share especially topics about life, work and travel — and just maybe, some shit that I think we can all learn from and of course, reality. Welcome to the  Lurker’s List!

A nomad who loves to travel and likes to collect adventures. A foodie who loves to eat and try all foods in the world. A music junkie who is just crazy about all types of music. A person who likes almost everything and wants to learn new things every single day.

I like reading news and blogs. I like talking to different people from all walks of life irregardless of their nationality. I am a lurker who now feel the need to share what I have seen, felt and observed on this very big classroom called Earth. And now, I have to be involved on what is going on with the world and its people. So, I am writing this blog and I do hope you would enjoy my “Lurker’s List.”

Note: Forgive me for using the first person, it is like too much Vitamin I.  🙂 This is the easiest “person” for me to write. :)

101 Basic Things About Me

1 I am the eldest child in our family.

2 I have two sisters who I consider my best pals.

3 I love animals esp. dogs, cats and rabbits.

4 I like swimming and diving compared to other sports.

5 I am 60% extrovert, 30% introvert and 10% crazy or so I thought.

6 My mind automatically shuts down if I don’t listen or if I don’t like the person I am interacting with.

7 Some people think that I really like them when they do not have the faintest idea that I hate them so much.

8 I am super kind and a very forgiving person.

9 I like chocolates (esp. Reese’s and Royce) and ice cream so much.

10 I find Bad Badtz Maru cute that’s why I have mini stash of it.

11 I like liquor and wines but I try to avoid it as much as possible.

12 I always think of Whopper (dog) bec. thinking of her makes me feel like I am home.

13 I want to live like a nomad until I get old and die.

14 I have a crazy bucket list where half of it must be fulfilled before I reach 60.

15 I want to publish even one book that is very informative and influential.

16 Many people say I look happy when the truth is I am feeling sad or mad.

17 I have dry, sensitive skin and I really hate it.

18 I get headaches and migraines easily esp. if the weather is hot.

19 I maintain a blog and I wish to write my 100th post soon.

20 I don’t like to be a mysterious person at all.

21 I can live without tv, cell phone and a laptop.

22 I like trekking esp. when my sister is with me.

23 I am the type of person who will say I do not know a thing even if I really know it.

24 I am a good keeper of secrets and things of other people.

25 I think my life is an open book.

26 I do not like to brag because I want to stay humble.

27 I keep a diary until now.

28 I hate packing things but I love to travel.

29 I am a nocturnal person.

30 I doodle a lot and can write upside down.

31 I was once an agnostic.

32 I wish I am a bit taller and tanner.

33 I love myself now.

34 I have a love-hate relationship with my body.

35 I like planking because it wakes me up in the morning.

36 I have at least one meatless day a week.

37 Water is my favorite drink aside from lemon and watermelon juice.

38 I easily get bored.

39 I complain a lot.

40 I collect experiences and document such on a monthly basis.

41 I prefer wearing slippers and rubber shoes than high heels and sandals.

42 I give personal things to friends even without any occasion.

43 I like to taste different kinds of foods.

44 Science is a fascinating subject for me.

45 I believe in quantum physics.

46 I love to create stuff and do origami.

47 2011 is by far a tough year for me.

48 I love to take risks.

49 To pass the time, I read just about anything.

50 I browse magazines more than I read the articles.

51 I am obsessive compulsive.

52 I rarely promise but when I do, I keep it.

53 I always gaze at the sky if I am outside.

54 I am a grateful person.

55 Gummy bears, crinkles and frozen yogurt are my comfort foods.

56 Google is my favorite website.

57 I like graphics and drawings a lot.

58 I like to stare at little kids and babies.

59 I live to eat and I eat to live.

60 I love to take photos of moving objects.

61 I wear my five-finger socks whenever I hike.

62 I like plain writing so that my readers can easily understand what I have written.

63 I watch movies and music videos every month.

64 I don’t like to waste time.

65 I am not shy to apologize.

66 I am a pessimist.

67 I am spontaneous.

68 As much possible, I use my own bag whenever I shop.

69 If I am a sea animal, I like to be a whale or shark.

70 If I am a fruit, I like to be a jackfruit.

71 I love to drink tea esp. milk tea.

72 I get ticklish whenever I have a massage.

73 I like my things to be waterproofed esp. my hard disks.

74 I was bitten by a cat.

75 When I am bored at work, I take a walk.

76 I don’t listen to music when I run.

77 I hate plagiarism a lot.

78 I eat during midnight.

79 I like going to concerts.

80 Trying different kinds of foods has become my habit.

81 I tend to be paranoid at some things.

82 I am not judgemental and I don’t condemn people.

83 I don’t believe in first impressions.

84 I have a list of my firsts.

85 I never get tired of eating barbecues esp. chicken and pork.

86 I am at my weakest when I have dysmennorhea.

87 I love the color cyan.

88 I have friends in every continent except Antartica (as of 2012).

89 I have a pen pal in Poland.

90 I like to abbreviate words and I have created my own abbreviations.

91 I love giving foods to people esp. friends.

92 I hate using the word ‘myriad’ because I think it is overused.

93 I love wintermelon tea so much.

94 I have a cabinet full of gifts from friends.

95 I cuss but I always try to avoid it.

96 I always tell myself I am human so that I will remember.

97 I always wear black every Valentine’s Day.

98 I celebrate my birthday the week after, not on the day itself.

99 See, I have my own crazy rituals that I just invented.

100 I am a fan of ethical living.

101 I like having lists. Thus, I endured answering this piece of shit. :-)

I Wish to Change

~ I wish to change the world but then I remember that I have to change myself first. Change the bad in me — the unstable mindset and attitude and other unlikely things that have a bad effect. Change is crucial if we want to expect a different outcome. Only then we could say that we somehow left our ‘comfort zones’ if we give in to change. – Bliss Steps

One Year of Writing, What Now?

How do you approach your writing process? – Daily Post

Answer: I just write. If I experience writer’s block, I stop for awhile and take some moments to breathe. Most of the time, I walk and drink my tea. We could also wander then when we get back to writing, we would notice that there is some renewed energy. 🙂

Let me share what happened within my one year of writing. 🙂

I wrote and I ran out of topics. I have contemplated the thought of me maintaining a blog because I did not know if I would continue this endeavor or not. I am at the verge of deciding what I should do for the rest of my life. I think things got complicated and I made it more complicated because of my over the top mind setting. But then, here I am and there you are, reading this piece of uncanny shit. I am not saying that you don’t have a good taste because you have chosen to read my pieces. I am flattered that somewhere out there, some blokes spent some time reading my documented eccentricities. It means a lot especially for someone like me who took a risk to get out of my comfort zone. Writing is not my expertise but it is something that I want to do until I get old. Further, if a person does a ‘work’ that he likes to do until the day he dies, that could be the work he ought to do. And, if we like to do a work so much that we don’t mind whether or not we get paid, that’s better.

And now, this blog has turned one (1) year old. I told myself that I would continue to write whether or not there would be a constant following. I owe you a lot, for the seconds you put into reading my pieces. So, for one year — this discerning year, I decided that I would continue to write. I would write not just for my readers but for the love of ‘our craft.’

One year. One decision. One life. Join me and let us write. If our creative juices run out, let us squeeze some more. I am pretty sure that after so much squeezing, we would get to see some love. And then, we write again and share the love that would enlighten others.

My heartfelt thanks. <3, Bliss

Note: Thanks for reading and of course, for bearing with me.  🙂