Culture At Its Finest

Culture At Its Finest

CULTURE – Different races, characters and cultures yet we are one. This image makes me smile every time I look at it.


Different Events in Lego Forms

Daily Prompt: The Cat Says Meow

A spur of the moment post, when me and my colleague are playing my lego figurines just to distress. If you look closely you would see a fat lady dressed as a geisha with two men guarding her in prison (Napoles pork barrel scam in the Philippines), men who are victims in Syria and a man stuck in an island with a turtle. The man symbolizes  a politician or a leader of any country who is more concerned about his own benefit rather than the benefit of his people.

The image shows my perspective on why I do not want to go back to my country — at least for now. 😦

Different Events in Lego Forms

Carefree Under the Sea

Carefree Under the Sea

OCEAN — Notice my eyes beaming with happiness and freedom. This is what carefree means to me! Can you see me smiling even with the regulator on my mouth?! I feel so at home. 🙂

When the Dog Blinks

~ Just like a dog, I obey my master. But I have to bark or bite if my master asks me to do shit. – Bliss Steps

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Helping Hand

Helping Hand

MY HAND – This the hand that has become rough after working for many years. It had some calluses and has become really dry yet I am proud that this hand helped me do a lot of activities esp. cleaning the house and rock climbing in my free time. This is the same hand that held my loved ones when they need my love and company. And, this is the same hand that would want to help you if you are in need.