Case of the Mighty Headache

We all know how a terrible headache can cripple us. It can make or break you on a very beautiful day. Terrible headache attacks have happened to me in the past few months. I have counted each headache and every headache is hell for me, it may be due to the hot weather, hormones or unknown underlying conditions.

The neurologist told me to drink 10mg of Flunarizine, an anti-migraine medicine that has been with us ages ago. Ideally, it must be taken until 2 weeks, but I must see an improvement in a week. I’ve also known that in order for the medicine (most medicines) to work, it must be taken before the onset of the attack. That may be the reason why the usual painkiller (Biogesic) I’m taking didn’t work because I took it during the attack itself. I have yet to find out and I’m willing to make myself my very own guinea pig.

In case you wonder, the doc advised me to avoid chocolate at all costs (or so I thought, I don’t want to avoid chocs)!!! Coffee must be taken in moderation (fuck this) and avoid instant foods loaded with msg. I remember a friend who got really dizzy after eating a takeout meal we bought from the nearby canteen. Tbh, we can even smell the seasoning in his food so that’s how strong the seasoning is! Loading our bodies with chemicals is not a good way to go! This is a challenge for me, because I love to taste different foods (instant or not) and now, I have to be very careful or else, tension headache kicks in.

The goal of this post is to inform you that the above mentioned foods are not to be eaten esp. if we are prone to headaches and migraines. Contrary to what the net says, chocolates must not be eaten bec. chocs can trigger headaches. I would still eat some but may be not that much anymore. Yep, I cheat and how about you? Who wouldn’t?! 😀

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