A nomad who loves to travel and likes to collect adventures. A foodie who loves to eat and try all foods in the world. A music junkie who is just crazy about all types of music. A person who likes almost everything and wants to learn new things every single day.

I like reading news and blogs. I like talking to different people from all walks of life regardless of their nationalities. I am a lurker who now feel the need to share what I have seen, felt and observed on this very big classroom called Earth. And now, I have to be involved on what is going on with the world and its people. So, I am writing this blog and I do hope you would enjoy my “Lurker’s List.” My blog is about everything I wanted to share especially topics about life, work and travel — and may be, some shit that I think we can all learn from and of course, reality.

Note: Forgive me for using the first person, it is like too much Vitamin I. Β πŸ™‚ This is the easiest “person” for me to write. Please leave a comment on what you think we have in common or what made you smile on my list. I would love to hear from you and together, let us laugh! πŸ˜€

101 Basic Things About Me

1 I am the eldest child in our family.

2 I have two sisters who I consider my best pals.

3 I love animals esp. dogs, cats and rabbits.

4 I like swimming and diving compared to other sports.

5 I am 60% extrovert, 30% introvert and 10% crazy or so I thought.

6 My mind automatically shuts down if I don’t listen or if I don’t like the person I am interacting with.

7 Some people think that I really like them when they do not have the faintest idea that I hate them so much.

8 I am super kind and a very forgiving person.

9 I like chocolates (esp. Reese’s and Royce) and ice cream so much.

10 I find Bad Badtz Maru cute that’s why I have mini stash of it.

11 I like liquor and wines but I try to avoid it as much as possible.

12 I always think of Whopper (dog) bec. thinking of her makes me feel like I am home.

13 I want to live like a nomad until I get old and die.

14 I have a crazy bucket list where half of it must be fulfilled before I reach 60.

15 I want to publish even one book that is very informative and influential.

16 Many people say I look happy when the truth is I am feeling sad or mad.

17 I have dry, sensitive skin and I really hate it.

18 I get headaches and migraines easily esp. if the weather is hot.

19 I maintain a blog and I wish to write my 100th post soon.

20 I don’t like to be a mysterious person at all.

21 I can live without tv, cell phone and a laptop.

22 I like trekking esp. when my sister is with me.

23 I am the type of person who will say I do not know a thing even if I really know it.

24 I am a good keeper of secrets and things of other people.

25 I think my life is an open book.

26 I do not like to brag because I want to stay humble.

27 I keep a diary until now.

28 I hate packing things but I love to travel.

29 I am a nocturnal person.

30 I doodle a lot and can write upside down.

31 I was once an agnostic.

32 I wish I am a bit taller and tanner.

33 I love myself now.

34 I have a love-hate relationship with my body.

35 I like planking because it wakes me up in the morning.

36 I have at least one meatless day a week.

37 Water is my favorite drink aside from lemon and watermelon juice.

38 I easily get bored.

39 I complain a lot.

40 I collect experiences and document such on a monthly basis.

41 I prefer wearing slippers and rubber shoes than high heels and sandals.

42 I give personal things to friends even without any occasion.

43 I like to taste different kinds of foods.

44 Science is a fascinating subject for me.

45 I believe in quantum physics.

46 I love to create stuff and do origami.

47 2011 is by far a tough year for me.

48 I love to take risks.

49 To pass the time, I read just about anything.

50 I browse magazines more than I read the articles.

51 I am obsessive compulsive.

52 I rarely promise but when I do, I keep it.

53 I always gaze at the sky if I am outside.

54 I am a grateful person.

55 Gummy bears, crinkles and frozen yogurt are my comfort foods.

56 Google is my favorite website.

57 I like graphics and drawings a lot.

58 I like to stare at little kids and babies.

59 I live to eat and I eat to live.

60 I love to take photos of moving objects.

61 I wear my five-finger socks whenever I hike.

62 I like plain writing so that my readers can easily understand what I have written.

63 I watch movies and music videos every month.

64 I don’t like to waste time.

65 I am not shy to apologize.

66 I am a pessimist.

67 I am spontaneous.

68 As much possible, I use my own bag whenever I shop.

69 If I am a sea animal, I like to be a whale or shark.

70 If I am a fruit, I like to be a jackfruit.

71 I love to drink tea esp. milk tea.

72 I get ticklish whenever I have a massage.

73 I like my things to be waterproofed esp. my hard disks.

74 I was bitten by a cat.

75 When I am bored at work, I take a walk.

76 I don’t listen to music when I run.

77 I hate plagiarism a lot.

78 I eat during midnight.

79 I like going to concerts.

80 Trying different kinds of foods has become my habit.

81 I tend to be paranoid at some things.

82 I am not judgemental and I don’t condemn people.

83 I don’t believe in first impressions.

84 I have a list of my firsts.

85 I never get tired of eating barbecues esp. chicken and pork.

86 I am at my weakest when I have dysmennorhea.

87 I love the color cyan.

88 I have friends in every continent except Antartica (as of 2012).

89 I have a pen pal in Poland.

90 I like to abbreviate words and I have created my own abbreviations.

91 I love giving foods to people esp. friends.

92 I hate using the word ‘myriad’ because I think it is overused.

93 I love wintermelon tea so much.

94 I have a cabinet full of gifts from friends.

95 I cuss but I always try to avoid it.

96 I always tell myself I am human so that I will remember.

97 I always wear black every Valentine’s Day.

98 I celebrate my birthday the week after, not on the day itself.

99 See, I have my own crazy rituals that I just invented.

100 I am a fan of ethical living.

101 I like having lists. Thus, I endured answering this piece of shit. πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “About

  1. That is an awesome list. =D So many things I can relate to here, from chocolate to reading to tasting new food. Why do you celebrate your birthday the week after though?

      • “Some people think that I really like them when they do not have the faintest idea that I hate them so much.” I laughed out loud on this one… shows great strength of character to be able to make those you can’t stand feel like they’re your best friend! Good job! πŸ™‚

      • ~ haha it took me some years to practice that! i do not want to seem to be a plastic or a fake but so as not to offend people, i just make them think i like them. haha πŸ˜€ thanks again. πŸ˜€

  2. I love No. 13. I don’t travel a great deal, other priorities in life, but I am defiantly there in my mind, does that make sense? So glad you dropped by my blog. πŸ™‚

      • When a person comes on you;re website, for the first time like me. You see a very simply lay-out, but what a surprise when you see the lurkinglist…
        Good name for a website, The Lurking List…sounds funny
        Thanks for letting me read it πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome list. Enjoyed it — very engaging!

    Especially liked #92 – ‘I hate using the word β€˜myriad’ because I think it is overused.’

    102. You said, ‘irregardless.’ So, there’s that.

  4. Love your list, esp.95. I cuss or curse because I was never allowed as a child. Woman should embrace cursing when it is appropriate; like getting a parking ticket in NYC, stubbing your freshly pedicured toes, loosing a bet to your husband and then having to take out the garbage all month. Stuff like that deserves a good f-bomb.

  5. 74: You will become the next catwoman
    92: Up there with “plethora”, right?
    πŸ™‚ Great list, thanks for sharing!

    • ~ ty for your feedback. yep, i admit i’m too lazy to find or capture my own photos even if i want to put some photos in my post. i find your blog informative, except that i think would it be better for the orange boxes to be black? nway, more power to you and keep up the good work!:-) thanx again πŸ™‚

    • ~ hahaha hope u’d make your list, too! πŸ™‚ it’s fun to look at for the years to come…coz who knows there’d be changes, right? πŸ™‚

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